Top 3 Most Pet-Friendly Ways to Enjoy Easter with Your Dog


Easter Monday is a special event for pets, just like it is for humans. There are so many new colors in the house – baskets with goodies on the table, and these little oval-shaped balls lying on the ground and throughout the house. Your family members aren’t the only ones who love to celebrate the holidays: your cat and dog do, too! Maybe they’ll be lucky and get their own pet Easter baskets, and if so, there are a few things you should know to keep your pet safe even when all you want to do is spoil them. Here is a list of a few things you can do on an Easter Monday.

  • Make Easter Basket

If you regularly make Easter baskets for your children, surprise your dog or cat with one too. Skip the Easter grass, so there are no intestinal complications but include healthy treats and a new toy. Instead of a basket, consider putting these gifts in a new dog or cat bed they can relax in later.

  • Set Them a Place at the Table

You are not literally going to set a place for your pet at the dinner table but you can still make them a part of your Easter dinner. Prepare them a plate with their favorite meal in it. Just make sure you are not giving them foods that are toxic such as onions, garlic and mushrooms. Carrots and beans, on the other hand, are an excellent choice for your pet on his holiday. Also, make sure you don’t give them too much food as this will upset their stomach.

  • Teach your Pet New Tricks:

Enroll in a class just to learn something new. Find a local indoor center and ask if you can enroll for fun and bonding only. Perhaps you want to get your dog certified as a Canine Good Citizen. If he or she is a CGC already, how about taking to the next level. Become a therapy dog. Folks in nursing homes and assisted-living facilities welcome the company. This would be a priceless achievement for you and your pet.

Easter time can be fun for both your family and your pets, as long as you can keep them away from anything that could harm them, and include them in your annual traditions.