4 Quick Fix Remedies For Dull Hair Coat in Cats

Remedies For Dull Hair Coat in Cats

Although your cat’s hair coat might seem to be problematic when you are vacuuming in the house, it plays a vital role in protecting the skin, regulating the temperature and provides a feel good touch to your feline. The hair coat is primarily made up of the protein keratin, which grows from the follicles in the skin. While human follicles each grow a single hair, animal follicles are known to grow many. Each follicle consists of an oil gland that lubricates the hair and skin and keeps the cat’s coat lustrous.

If you observe that your kitty’s coat is turning dry and dull, you can consider it to be a health problem with your feline that requires immediate medical attention by the veterinarian. One of the primary reasons for dull hair coat in felines is due to low-fat diets. If your kitty is on poor diet, the coat will lose its sheen, shed more easily and might even change color. But don’t worry as we have some quick fix remedies for dull hair coat in cats. Let us look at these given below:

Remedies for Dull Hair Coat in Cats

Remedies For Dull Hair Coat in Cats

Feed Premium Cat Food

If you want to ensure healthy hair and coat of your feline, feed premium cat food to your kitty. Remember, cats need more proteins than dogs in conjunction with complex carbohydrates and healthy fats, which aid in maintaining a spectacular coat. If you feed a kibble diet that is low in fat content or which contains generic, poor quality food it can result in dull, poor quality coat. Hence, veterinarians in our country suggest switching to a premium brand of veterinarian-recommended cat food when this condition exists. You can even take the help of veterinarian-approved fish oil supplements that consist of fur flattering fatty acids.

Weight Control & Exercise

It has been observed that a pleasing and plump, seemingly lazy kitty might have dandruff running down the center of her back and around the base of the tail. This might signal that she is unable to reach and groom these areas since she is overweight. Due to the extra weight of the feline, there is a danger of acute health problems like diabetes and high blood pressure. These health conditions normally show themselves in the form of a dull, dry coat coupled with low energy level.

If your kitty is overweight and displays these signs, it is time to visit your veterinarian. Your veterinarian would recommend a low calorie diet and an active playtime regimen that will aid in restoring the luster in the coat and reduce the danger of serious health conditions.

Brushing Her Old Coat

If your kitty is too old to comfortably clean herself, you need to ensure that she gets nutritious diet, which can keep her sleek as a seal. If you do not do this, it can cause dull hair coat. This makes it imperative for you to groom her so that her hair coat remains shiny. If you brush your senior cat on a regular basis, it will assist in getting that old shine back and provide a daily bonding routine with her.

Bathing Your Kitty On A Daily Basis Can Result In Dull Hair Coat

It has been researched and found out that frequent cat baths can result in dry hair coat and make it dull. Normally cat owners are guilty of overusing cat shampoos to combat flea infestations which is a short-term fix and less effective than the flea preventive treatments.

It has been observed that monthly Flea Preventive Treatments are far more effective to flea problems and might save your pet’s skin and fur coat. Hence, veterinarians in our country suggest to bath your kitty only when their coat seems to be extra grimy, extremely nasty and extremely necessary. While bathing your dirty kitty, ensure that you use organic conditioner that is extremely safe and recommended only for cats.

So, which one of these quick fix remedies are you going to use to keep your cat’s hair coat shiny and healthy?