4 Widely Used Flea and Tick Preventive Treatments for Dogs

4 Widely Used Flea and Tick Preventive Treatments for Dogs

There are only a few fortunate dog owners in our country that would have never experienced fleas and ticks on their furry pals’ bodies. But the unfortunate ones try everything from regular bathing to grooming, but somehow these pesky parasites find their way on the tender skin of dogs. These bloodsucking parasites not only host the dog’s body without paying any rent, but also transmit diseases in them. Fleas and ticks are generally found in the warmer months and they have the ability to make your pet’s life a living hell.

Flea bites can be very itchy and if the flea population is not controlled early then it can result in hair loss on dogs while ticks have the ability of transmitting Lyme disease that can be very detrimental for the health of your pooch. As a dog owner it becomes a very difficult proposition to control each and every move of your tyke as he can move to places like woods and tall grasses nearby to your house. Hence, it is advised to take the assistance of flea and tick preventive treatments to stop these pesky parasites from affecting your pooch’s life.

But before getting a product always take the recommendation from your veterinarian as he/she is the best person to suggest an effective product that you buy online to save lot of $. Let us look at some of the widely used flea and tick preventive treatments that are effective in eliminating these parasites from your pooch’s body:

Frontline Plus

Frontline Plus for dogs

It is a swift acting spot-on treatment that controls fleas and ticks on dogs. It makes the life of the dogs easier by killing four major types of tick species. It also eliminates fleas within a day of administration and ticks within 2 days of administration. It lasts for a complete month and is currently available online in multi-packs. Due to its waterproof property, dogs can go in water even after administering this treatment without the worry of the effect of the treatment to cease.


Bravecto for dogs

This oral chewable starts eliminating fleas and ticks within 2 hours of administration; killing nearly 99% adult fleas within 8 hours and 100% ticks within half a day. Due to its 12 weeks continuous protection the complete flea life cycle gets destroyed along with American dog ticks, brown dog ticks and black legged ticks. It also kills lone star ticks for 2 consecutive months.


Nexgard for dogs

This beef-flavored chewable tablet is one of its kind that kills both fleas and ticks. it commences to kill fleas within 8 hours of administration and within a day kills 100% adult fleas and ticks within 2 days of administration. Due to its monthly protection, adult fleas do not have a chance to lay eggs, thereby eliminating the chance of future infestations. It also destroys paralysis ticks, brown dog ticks and bush ticks.

Bay-O-Pet Kiltex Collar

Buy Bay-O-Pet Kiltex Collar

This ingenious collar repels and kills fleas and ticks. Due to its lightweight, you can easily wear it on your dog thereby preventing external parasites from affecting him. This collar protects dogs from these pesky parasites for 5 months and also prevents paralysis ticks for 6 weeks. So if your dog does not enjoy topical treatments, then this is a viable option that is as effective as any topical flea and tick preventive treatment.

Also keep these things in mind:

  • You should treat each and every pet in your household separately
  • Use sprays to get rid of these pesky parasites in your yards
  • Stick to regular flea & tick control regimen using the products mentioned above and keep your furry pal free
  • from irritation and stress caused by fleas and ticks

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