5 Essential Duties of a Dog Owner


Dogs are often called the guardian angels that have come on earth to become the best friends of human mankind and give them comfort and love needed during the most dismal time. They not only are the most loved pets due to their affection, but also due to the fact that they can also be your savior during calamities as they can sense things prior to human beings and give them the warning signal. With so much being offered by this lovely pet it becomes your responsibility to ensure that these furry friends are always in the prime of their health. You can do this by following certain duties mentioned below:

Feed healthy nutritious diet to your pooch
Once you have a dog at home it is important that you feed him/her properly with nutritious diet that can improve their health. There are lots of balanced, nutritious diets available in the market nowadays which contains requisite amounts of nutrients and proteins that are essential for the overall development of dogs. When you shop for a dog food, scrutinize the primary ingredient in the food. It should be real meat protein encompassing chicken, beef, lamb, turkey, salmon or trout. Do not ever get a food product that contains lots of meat and fillers.

Always have fresh and clean water accessible to your doggy
A good dog owner always remembers to change the water bowl of their pet on a regular basis. If you are not doing that then it can result in contaminated water containing harmful bacteria that can make your pooch sick. The ultimate solution to this problem is to have a pet drinking fountain that pours water so that there is no scope for bacteria or debris to make your doggy sick. You can even try a water additive to remove the bacteria.

Take your mutt for regular visits to your veterinarian
Regular visits to your veterinarian will ascertain whether your hound is suffering from any disease. It is the responsibility of every dog owner to take their dog for regular veterinarian visit so that their pet can remain happy and healthy. There are times when your pooch is suffering in silence because the symptoms are either not apparent or are negligible. So it is better to take them for regular checkups to keep them free from diseases.

Micro chipping your doggy with an ID

As a dog owner, you should always have up to date identification tags with ID on your pooch by using a microchip. You can even use a collar tag for identification purpose. The ultimate goal of conducting this exercise is to get them back if in case they get lost by mistake. This is very important since there are lots of dogs in USA that get lost on a daily basis and are then kept in shelter homes.

Give adequate time to the canine for training

Dog owners need to take out some time of the day exclusively to train their furry friends. This will ultimately prove to be useful, since dogs that are well-trained do not frustrate their owners with behavioral problems. This will ultimately result in less stress at home, easy access to the dogs to roam outside without any fear and making them welcome member of your community. If you socialize your pooch it will build their confidence and this will further assist in reducing situational anxiety. Proper exercise and social activity of your beagle will also keep him/her fit and healthy.

If you are abiding by these duties without fail, then congratulate yourself for being a responsible dog owner by giving a pat on your back. If that is not the case, don’t worry; you still can correct yourself by following these practices on a regular basis. If you would like to share your personal experience related to your dog, please do post it in the comments section and we will be happy to integrate it in our upcoming blogs. Until then keep reading and keep your four-legged friend happy!!