9 Ways to Relieve the Pain of your Arthritic Dog


It is always sad to see your pooch suffering in pain when they walk stiffly, lie down with a deep groan with impossibility to jump to their favorite chairs. But let us face the truth after a certain age things that were customary for your four-legged friend becomes a long drawn effort.

Science has advanced so much that today you can find veterinary medicines which were not available earlier that can prolong the lifespan of your pooch making them live to a ripe old age. But the problem is that with age, they also undergo degenerative joint disease or osteoarthritis.

Due to the onset of this disorder dogs find it difficult to lead a normal life which can be a very painful experience for them. But do not worry as there are certain ways to relieve the pain of your arthritic dog. One of them is by giving them joint care & arthritis treatment. Along with this you can also try out the different things that have been mentioned below:

  • Always ensure that your furry friend remains warm and dry since cold and damp conditions can worsen arthritis. Consider having a padded dog bed and apply warm compresses to their joints to relieve the pain
  • Ask for a recommendation from your veterinarian to suggest a professional animal massage therapist as it can enhance the flexibility and circulation in your dog
  • Feed low fat quality food to your dog to keep them slim and decrease the load on their joints
  • Get your house adjusted according to the needs of the dog like having a soft bedding for dogs, getting ramps for the dogs to easily get in and out of a car or bed, putting carpets and rugs to provide cushion to the dog while he/she walks
  • Give Glucosamine and chondroitin supplements to the dog which will increase joint movement and support their joint function
  • If the arthritis has aggravated it is better to get your dog operated. Ask your veterinarian about the advantages and disadvantages of undergoing surgery
  • Regular visits to the veterinarian is a must so that they can properly monitor the dog’s arthritis and prescribe treatment that is best suited for your furry friend
  • Take your four-legged friend for regular walks, conducting regular exercise schedules to keep him fit. Also observe your pooch when he/she walks, plays or run. Ensure that they get a soft surface for carrying out the activity
  • You can even go for acupuncture as it has shown tremendous success in dogs suffering from arthritis

It is very important to show some compassion towards your dog while he/she is going through the difficult phase in his/her life. Make things easier for them so that they can lead a stress free life. This is the least that you can do for your furry friend. Please share your personal experience of how you dealt with your arthritic dog and we would be glad to integrate it in our upcoming blog.