5 Tips To Ensure Your Newly Adopted Dog Likes His New Home


It is great to hear that you have recently adopted a dog. Believe us your life is going to get enriched in ways that you have never imagined before. But now what? Bringing your new dog home is great fun and exciting time, but it can also be little daunting too; if you have never ever shared your home with a pup before. In order to ensure an easy transition with the adopted dog and re-homing him you need to make your newly adopted pet feel at home which can be done by following the tips given below:

Research In Advance About Different Training Mechanisms, Pet Care And Nutrition For Your Newly Adopted Pup

Before you adopt the dog it is important to know the training mechanism you are going to use (some dog owners prefer clicker training while others prefer positive-reinforcement techniques). So research properly and then decide on the training mechanism that you want to follow from day one with the tyke. You should also be aware of the different dog food brands and which one would be best suitable for your new furry friend. Also, determine the number of times you will feed your doggy. If you are prepared with these things, it will be very easy for the little bundle of love to adjust in the environment quickly.

Be Flexible With Your New Pal


While it is important to plan ahead of time, dogs unfortunately have a mind of their own and hence, it might be possible that your plans may go out of the window. If he does not like a particular arrangement like the sleeping place, then you need to change things accordingly so he feels relaxed and sleep without any trouble. If the sound of the clicker makes him frightened you need to use a different training mechanism that will work for your furry pal. Always have a smiling face while speaking with the doggy. Remember, the transition period will pass and slowly your tyke will follow a fixed routine that is best for both of you. Take him to new places and introduce him to new people, once you have built a connection with the furry friend in a couple of weeks’ time. Very soon you will find that your buddy will follow a fixed routine which would ease you up.

Get All The Basic Dog Care Supplies


Purchase a leash, collar, bed, food and water dishes along with dog food. Before getting the doggy home, it is better to have these things at home. Also, don’t forget to get an ID tag. Put the tag on the doggy immediately. If you want to crate train your tyke, never buy it in advance. Take your furry pal along while shopping for the crate, as that would ensure that you get the correct size.

Divide The Responsibility Of The Dog Amongst All The Family Members

It is important to follow some ground rules when you adopt a new pup. Each and every family member in your house should be on board to ensure that the rules are followed to the “t” and there is no chance of any leverage. For example; if you do not want your furry pal to get on the couch, and your daughter lets him sit there when you are not around, it will not help. All the training in the world will fail. Since caring for a dog is a big responsibility, it is important that every family member understands and accepts particular roles and responsibilities pertaining to the doggy.

Ensure That Your Tyke Adjusts To The New Environment

It would take about a couple of weeks for your new dog to adjust to the new environment. During this time, you may notice anxiety in the dog which may result in lack of appetite and suppressed bowel habits. He may even hide under or behind the furniture or stay in a particular room for a few days. Don’t worry about it as it is absolutely normal for the dog to behave in this way. Be patient and understand the situation of your new pal and then show him the wonderful aspects of your house. This way you will not only befriend him, but also get rid of his anxiety.

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