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Labor day

Labor day weekend is the last long weekend of the passing summer. This is the perfect time for pet owners to move outdoors with their furry companions, and have a gala time. But, it is very important that your pet has a full-filled, but safe labor day weekend, and so keep these tips in mind while enjoying this holiday:

  • If you are planning to go on a beach with your four-legged friend, ensure that you pack some protective eye-wear and a doggy life jacket, while leaving the pet to enjoy the sand and surf. Before hitting the dunes, review beach safety tips for a refresher course.
  • Never give any goodies from the grill to your pet, no matter how tempting it might sound, as it can cause upset stomach, if you indulge your furry pal in your BBQ feast. Also, ensure that your pet does not eat treats like pork chops or hot dogs, so that he does not fall ill.
  • Since, summer is at its peak, pets can get sunburns. So, it is important to apply pet-friendly sunscreen or baby sunscreen, in case you are unable to find pet sunscreen at your local pet store. Also, get a pet-friendly insect repellent, as heartworm is contracted by mosquitoes.
  • If you see your pet depicting any of these symptoms: exuberant salivation, excessive panting, anxiety or restlessness, bright red or purple gums and tongue, confusion, trouble standing or walking, vomiting, collapse and glazed eyes or staring, he might be suffering from heatstroke. If that is the case, try to cool him down by soaking him with towels and water, and then place him in front of the fan, if possible. Then, contact the veterinarian at the earliest.

Whether you are spending this labor day weekend in your backyard, beach or woods, it is not possible to not have fleas and ticks around. These pesky parasites have the tendency of irritating your pet and causing diseases through their bites. If you have a pet that is allergic to flea bites, even a single bite of a flea can ruin your weekend fun.

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