6 Things that can Assist you to Prevent Fleas & Ticks from your Dog

6 Things that can Assist you to Prevent Fleas & Ticks from your DogIt is summertime again. With the rising temperature comes the threat of pesky parasites like fleas and ticks that are hatching an evil plan to set up a camp in your doggy’s fur and attack your home. Once these parasites get into the body of your pet, it is very tough to get them out. But there is nothing to worry about, as you can prevent fleas and ticks on your dog by following different things mentioned in this write-up to safely and effectively prevent fleas and ticks. Let us now focus on some of the things that can assist you in this endeavor:

Get Recommended Flea And Tick Preventive Treatments By Veterinarian

The easiest way to get rid of fleas and ticks from your pets is by purchasing flea and tick preventive treatments and applying them as per the directions provided, comprehending the side effects and applying the proper dosage to avoid poisoning. If you are still unsure, take the aid of your veterinarian and ask them your concerning doubts about the treatment.

Utilize Natural Ways Of Getting Rid Fleas & Ticksapple cider vinegar

Nowadays, dog owners prefer natural ways of eliminating the threat of fleas & ticks that is considered to be the best way to get rid of and prevent fleas and ticks on dogs. You can utilize garlic that will keep fleas and ticks out of the area without the need of killing them. It is even recommended to bath your pet using apple cider vinegar as fleas and ticks cannot withstand its taste. Lavender, geranium and lemongrass assist in repelling ticks while lavender, lemongrass, peppermint and citronella all assist in keeping the fleas at bay. If you wear a collar on your dog just putting a drop of lemon or rosemary oil will assist in getting rid of fleas and ticks.


Bath TimeBath Time for Dogs

Bath your pet using flea & tick shampoo right through his fur. The warm water will aid in relieving skin irritation and will make your pooch less fidgety. If your doggy is unhappy due to a really itchy skin as a result of an overuse of flea and tick irritants, utilize a soothing oatmeal bath accompanied with complete shampooing.


CombingCombing Dog

Clean your dog’s fur using a flea comb at least once everyday. Ensure that he is lying on a white towel or sheet so that you can see any signs of flea dirt. You can even dab some petroleum jelly on the comb to enable the fleas to stick to the comb. Once the combing session is over, shake out the droppings into the container of soapy water and flush it into the toilet.


Vacuumingvacuuming under furniture

The best way to control fleas and ticks on your pet is by sucking them up by a vacuum. Look to vacuum in the corners like area rugs, upholstered furniture, your doggy’s bedding, pillows, bare floors and your own. Try to get into the hard-to-reach spots in the house too; as flea and tick infestations can be hiding under the furniture, beds and closet floors. Once that is done, throw the vacuum content in a covered garbage bag outside and put it out at the curb.


Lawn CareLawn Care

Fleas and ticks can be usually found on the lawn. Hence, it is very important to keep up the outside maintenance like pulling weeds, keeping bushes trimmed and mowing the lawn will keep these pesky parasites at bay. For best results, you can utilize food grade diatomaceous earth outside of your house on a monthly basis.

Buy Flea & Tick Control for Dogs