6 Tips To Control Noise Anxiety In Pets On New Year’s Eve




2015 has come to an end giving us loads of memories, opportunities and love. This time of the year is the most joyous and positive with all the festivities around. New Year’s Eve is round the corner and everybody would be busy in planning their venue to groove or would be all set to watch the fireworks. However, being a pet parent you may have to face the other side of this day which is noise anxiety in pups.

With all the noise of fireworks, party animals, and screams on the toll of 12 around, dogs are bound to get anxious. The intensity of anxiousness in pets varies and the ones that easily fall off the wagon may have severe difficulties to keep calm. Some canines have even tried to jump off the window thinking the noise of some kind of danger. Hence it is extremely important to keep your furry friends calm on a New Year’s Eve.

Following are 6 most important tips to avoid noise anxiety in pets during New Year’s Eve!

  1. Enclose your pets- It’s definitely not equivalent to caging!

We all have a hiding place where we seek shelter when nervous or frightened. Your pet must have one too! Understand your furry pal and keep him in that place to prevent anxiety taking him in. If your pooch or kitty is comfortable in a crate, confine them in it with delicious treats and their favorite toys. This will do the work of distraction and in case of blaring noise; they wouldn’t have a window to jump off!

  1. Soothing Music- Perfect ode to calm!

Music always help, be it for us or animals. If you have not tried it yet for your pets, it’s time to use this technique on this New Year’s Eve. Play classical music that has a soothing effect and gives relief from anxiety to pets. Make sure you turn up the volume at a comfortable level, neither too harsh nor dull. It should suppress the party noises and should not disturb your pet. If your canine or feline loves some T.V show then keep it recorded and play it continuously on New Year’s Eve for 4-5 hours.

  1. Exercise- Wear them out to sleep!

This may be the most useful tip to avoid noise anxiety in pets. Take your pooch on a walk or set a play date in the evening. Let your pooch play to his hearts content. In case of cats, use feather wands and laser pointing toys for the entire day on and off to tire them out. After a long workout session your pet may sleep like a log and there wouldn’t be any anxiety issues. Feed your pets after workout sessions and confine them in a safe room with the thunder shirt on.

  1. Lavender Oil- Nature has all the answers!

You may have tried this, but if not there is nothing difficult in trying it. Lavender oil is generally used for canine when they travel in a car. It calms them and helps to keep anxiety at bay. Spray the oil in your dog’s favorite blanket or you can also use pheromone spray for dogs. In case of cats, Feliway sprays are the most famous and helpful in controlling anxious behavior in felines. Use it as a plug-in room diffuser or as a spray to keep your cat in control.

  1. Food filled toys and puzzles- There is nothing that food can’t solve!

You can imagine what would happen if your pooch licks a bit of peanut butter and then it disappears. You can keep your pets busy with kongs and other food puzzles that forces them to stay focused on just food. Felines can be easily distracted with their favorite catnip toys. You can also create a puzzle in a safe room that has the least possibility of noise penetration so that your pets have a New Year celebration of their own.

  1. Pet your pet- For pet owners who have no plans for New Year’s Eve!

There is nothing more comforting for your furry pal than your love. If you don’t have any plans other than staying at home with your family, keep your pooch or kitty close to you. Give your warmth and love by petting and stroking them when they get a bit anxious.

These are some common, yet useful tips to keep your pets away from the noise anxiety on New Year’s Eve. In severe cases of noise anxiety, you may have to consult your regular veterinarian and have him prescribe the calming pill. This way there would be no chaos for your pet and you too! Happy and safe new year!