Are You Upset And Finding The Reason For Your Dog Not Eating The Food?

reasons why my dog isnt eating

Suppose you have recently adopted a dog. After few weeks your dog has stopped eating the food. It is obvious that this gesture of dog will definitely upset you. You are not aware of what to do. What would a new dog parent generally do in such a situation? He or she will research on the reason for the dog not eating the food. There are many reasons causing your dog not eating the food.

Reasons why my dog isn’t eating?

The first thing to keep in mind is finding the reason for your dog refusing the food. It is important to find the reason. The cause works as an assistant to give the appropriate treatment to your dog.

These are some of the reasons for your distress that your dog is not eating the foods:

Gastrointestinal Problem:

It is very common that any pet dog has the habit of stealing the food that is within their reach. For instance, you are walking down the park with your pooch. He will pull you towards that direction where he can see the food. They may sometimes eat the foodstuff thrown by other people. Eating such food can cause a digestion problem. Vomiting and diarrhea is the sign of a gastrointestinal problem. Let your dog expel that food they have eaten. Providing the food in this condition is not a good call. He won’t eat the food in this condition. Consult your vet if the vomit or diarrhea last for more than 24 hours.


Illness is another problem for your dog not eating the food. Sickness Cause your dog disliking the food. You may be ignored when providing the food in their bowl. Illness can be for short period but if you find other symptoms it is necessary to visit your vet.

Dental Problem:

A dental problem can create a pain for your dog while chewing the food. This pain doesn’t allow them to eat. Broken teeth or gingivitis might be the problem. It needs to be checked by your vet.

Behavior Issues:

Behavior issues also play its part. If you are feeding them at a place where they are not comfortable they won’t eat the food. More than one dog in a house is also one of the reasons. If one is a slow eater and another one is a fast eater it can cause the slow eater to not eating the food. Slow eater dogs prefer to eat when they are alone as other dogs eat its food when eating together.


      Some dogs are picky eaters. Picky eaters are those who eat only the food they like. If you will give them other food they will not eat the food. In some cases, dog parents are responsible for making their dog, picky eater. To overcome this problem what you can do is fix a time for your dog’s meal. Keep the food in front of them and if they refuse, don’t feed them in between the day. Feed them only at the time of their next meal. Gradually, you will come up with your dog developing a routine eating habit.

The aforesaid all are the major reasons for your dog not eating the food. A vet trip is required if your dog not eating the food for more than 24 hours. There may be other symptoms that only your vet can detect.