Celebrating National Pet Parents Day

Pet parents do so much for us and on this special day, I’d like to share a few things about my parents. I‘m Chuck and this is my experience of being a pet to the world’s best pet-parents.

It must be morning and I was hungry.

My mom was running late to the office and I can say that by the way, she was hustling to do the daily chores. Well, this isn’t an incident of today.

And I feel like sharing a lot of stuff that my parents do for me.

You know pet-parents have some superpower to do it all and never fail to fulfill my routine.

No matter how late my mommy is she’ll make sure that my water bowls are filled, a litter box is cleaned, the food bowl is filled, and my bath timing and everything that affects my hygiene is up to the mark.

On weekends I go on shopping with mommy, be a part of her girl gang and get lots of love from the other human girls as well which I really enjoy.

And daddy, at times, he comes so stressed from office yet he manages to take me for a walk. Sometimes when I don’t sleep that easily, he’s there to play with me.

He’d throw, I’d fetch

He’d laugh, I’d growl

He pats me, scratches my head so that I can fall asleep.

They spare their weekends with me. And just to spend more time with me they even cancel long day plans with their friends.

My parents think of me first when they plan an outing. Pet-friendly spot, pet-friendly hotel, pet-friendly restraint and the entire plan is pet-friendly. Even the travel timing, the commute, breaks required and everything is meticulously planned in a way that comforts me.

We’d go to the beach.

We three surfed together.

And we have a bag full of memories of all the fun that we had there.

But, at times, both mommy and daddy play tricks to administer those parasitic preventives which I barely like. They’ll smartly convince me to have them with the pill pocket or by hiding it under the cheese…I know it all, it’s just that I am fine with it as it helps me stay healthy.

Well, I don’t understand the human language but I can surely feel the warmth, care, and affection that my parents give me every single day.

They make my life worth living and the amount of value they give me is what doubles my love for them.

Therefore, on this National Pet Parent’s Day, all I wanna do is thank my parents for always being there for me, for accepting my flaws, dealing with my tantrums, making me an inevitable part of your life and for loving me unconditionally.

National Pet Parents Day is celebrated to honor those dedicated pet-parents who consider their pet as a part of their family and go a few steps ahead to give the best that a pet deserves. And I as a pet am more than glad to have such parents.

Wishing all the pet-parents a Happy National Pet-Parents Day! You all make our lives better.