Frontline Plus vs. Revolution Plus – A Comparative Analysis of Cat Treatments

When you bring home a cat, with a ball of fur what comes along is a bundle of responsibilities. Responsibilities of providing them with love, care and affection. What you also need to take care of is their protection against various parasites such as fleas, ticks, worms, etc. To achieve this goal, you’ll need a treatment that does enough to protect the feline against these insects. Frontline Plus and Revolution Plus are treatments that safeguard cats against various parasites.

This blog provides a detailed comparison of these two popular cat treatments so you can select the appropriate option for your cat. Read through to learn more.

Frontline Plus & Revolution Plus – Overview

Frontline Plus is an ectoparasitic treatment for 8 weeks and older kittens and cats that weigh over 1.5 lbs. Each dose protects cats against a range of external parasites for one month.

Revolution Plus is a topical liquid composition, recommended for kittens and cats from 8 weeks of age, weighing at least 2.8 lbs. The formula protects cats against a variety of external and internal parasites for one month.

Frontline Plus & Revolution Plus – Similarities & Differences

Frontline Plus and Revolution Plus share some common features and at the same time have a few different attributes. Let’s get to them one-by-one.


Age: Frontline Plus and Revolution Plus can be used in kittens and cats from 8 weeks of age.

Treatment form & administration: Both Frontline Plus and Revolution Plus are topical treatments that should be administered on the cat’s skin.

Duration: A single dose of Frontline Plus and Revolution Plus protects cats for one month.

Common protection: Frontline Plus and Revolution Plus both kill adult fleas and treat and control American dog tick, lone star tick and black-legged tick (deer tick) infestations.


Composition: Frontline Plus contains fipronil and s-methoprene as active ingredients whereas Revolution Plus is made of selamectin and sarolaner.

Cat weight: The recommended cat weight for using Frontline Plus is over 1.5 lbs whereas it is 2.8 lbs or more for Revolution Plus.

Uncommon protection: Frontline Plus kills brown dog ticks and eliminates chewing lice infestations. Revolution Plus prevents heartworm disease, treats and controls Gulf Coast tick infestations and is useful in the treatment and control of ear mites, roundworm and hookworm infections.

Special consideration: Frontline Plus is approved for use in pregnant, breeding and lactating cats whereas the safety of Revolution Plus in breeding, pregnant and lactating felines has not been evaluated yet.

Frontline Plus & Revolution Plus – Comparison Table

The table below showcases a detailed comparison of product features offered by Frontline Plus and Revolution Plus:

Frontline Plus vs. Revolution Plus – Summary

To conclude, Frontline Plus and Revolution Plus both are high-quality, safe and reliable cat antiparasitics.

When it comes to protecting cats against fleas, black-legged ticks (deer ticks), American dog ticks and lone star ticks either of them can be a good choice. In addition to these parasites, if you want to protect your feline against heartworm disease, roundworms, hookworms, ear mites and Gulf Coast ticks, (considering your cat weighs 2.8 lbs or more) Revolution Plus is the treatment for your cat.

Regardless of the treatment you wish to use on your cat, always talk to a veterinarian beforehand.