Game Changing Boredom Busters for Active Dogs

Boredom Busters For Active Dogs

Every dog owner has to deal with the idle time of his furry pal. There are certain dogs that get bored during such times and develop certain destructive behaviors. Part of the problem is that dogs don’t have an actual job like we do. Since, they get free food, toys or affection without working. Acquiring free stuff is great, but it makes the dogs feel idle. So when your doggy gets bored, he will try to find a different way to pass the time which might not make you happy. Luckily, you can do the following things to banish his boredom and make him enjoy his life:

Got A Bored Dog? – Simple Ways To Relieve Dog Boredom

Dogs Need Interactional Play & Fun Games

There are certain interactional activities and dog toys that you can come up that would keep your doggy mentally and physically fit. It is also vital to take care of doggy’s health and provide necessary dog supplies and dog nutritional supplements whenever require. Every dog, irrespective of his age and size needs entertainment. It can be an uncomplicated game of fetch, obedience training or a local park trip decides the option that suits you the best.

Nose Games Are The Best For Your Doggy

It is always a fun activity when you are playing hide and seek with your doggy or hiding treats around the house. This gives him an extra mental stimulation. This is one of the versatile games that can be played anywhere with toys or treats that you already possess.

Play Tug Of War

Tug of war is a great mental and physical exercise for your doggy. There are certain short games of tug that aid in tiring out the canine. Don’t worry, it does not make your pooch aggressive. You can even make your own tug toy with the aid of some fabric or old T-shirts if you don’t have a tug toy.

Alter His Walking Regimen

Make your daily walks interesting by trying different routes by trying different neighborhoods also changing your pace. It is very important for the doggy to smell their surroundings which aids in mental stimulation. Remember, dogs are not visual creatures they crave for interesting smells. Sniffing around for them is a great mental stimulating activity.

Get Interactive Dog Toys

Dog Toys For Indoor Playing

You need to purchase food dispensing toys like Kong Wobbler or any other toy that adds some mental stimulation. There are also lots of food dispensing toys that you can make from the items in your house similar to a great dog bottle game. Dogs need food to live so make it a challenging task for them so that they are mentally and physically occupied in the activity.

Hire A Dog Walker

If your doggy stays along at home for longer periods of time, hire a dog walker. If that is not an option, then ask for the help from your friends, relatives, or neighbors, to look after your furry pal in your absence. Also tell them to let the doggy get out for a nice walk or a game of tug.

So, how are you planning to keep your doggy busy and entertained today?