Get Unbeatable Discounts on Pet Supplies @ CanadaVetExpress This Easter!

Canada Vet Express on this festive occasion of Easter provides an additional 12% off on hundreds of products already discounted on the online pet store. There are some great deals that can lead to interesting purchases for your pet. On top of it, the online store offers free shipping on all orders irrespective of the size of your order. (This is an additional bonus for pet parents.) The dispatch is usually done within a day for all orders, except when the order is placed on a holidays. This is a fantastic opportunity to stock up your pet’s favorite food, treats, and toys. Buy them as a special gift for Easter.

Easter discounts

Some of the best selling products of the website include:

Bravecto for Dogs
Bravecto is one of its kinds of chew that kills fleas and ticks found in dogs for 12 continuous weeks. This oral flea and tick treatment starts action within 2 hours of administration and kills 99% adult fleas within 8 hours and 100% ticks within 12 hours. Get this product today!!

Nexgard for Dogs
Nexgard for dogs is a powerful oral treatment. Available in 3, 6, 12  chews packs, this flea and tick product efficiently kills all fleas within 24 hours of administration. Lasting for 30 days, Nexgard flea pills destroy 100% tricks and protect pets from its dangerous effects. For more information visit:

Advantage for Cats
Advantage for cats is a rapid acting, once a month application for all breeds of cats. An effective treatment, it kills 100% existing fleas within 12 hours of application. It prevents re-infestations by destroying the flea larvae found in the surroundings. Get more information at:

Essential 6 for Cats
Essential 6 is a spot-on treatment for providing nutrition to skin and coat of cats. It prevents skin irritation, seasonal hair loss, skin damage by supplying major nutrients for healthy skin and coat of cats.

Coximed Pigeon and Birds Treatment
Coximed is an effective solution for treating Coccidiosis in birds. This oral treatment controls and prevents the infection in young, racing and breeding pigeons. Coximed is highly beneficial for sick pigeons as it treats faster and helps to restore pigeon’s health without any possible side effects. The single dose treatment works perfectly to prevent re-infestation.

Well, these are some of the best buys with huge discount rates that you can stock up this festive. Click here to visit our Coupon Code page and get your pet supplies at unbeatable prices. We love your pet with gentle, loving care as much as you do. So, shop our selection for pet supplies your furry friends will love.