Holiday Season Gift Ideas For Adorable Pets

holiday season gift ideas for pets

With the emergence of the holiday season, you would be busy putting together holiday shopping lists for friends, families and significant others. But do not forget about the furry pals who have truly given their all in being there for you in thick and thin. Our country is pet frenzy and loves to indulge in animals. Last year itself, we have spent $ 60.28 billion on their pets. This year the number is expected to grow to $ 62.75 billion. Most of these costs is spend on food and health care, while there is still plenty that is being spent on treats and presents for the pets.

So, if you are one of those pet owners who would like to snuggle your pet during this holiday season, then you have visited the right page. We have enumerated certain holiday season gifts for your furry pal that would not make their day special, but also keep them entertained:

Must-have Gifts For Your Pets This Holiday Season

holiday gift ideas for pets
Furbo Pet Feeder

There are certain pet owners that cannot bear separation from their furry pal during the day. But unfortunately they do not work in pet-friendly environment. With the aid of this pet feeder, it is now possible to keep an eye on the pet irrespective of whether it is day or night and chat with them thanks to a two-way microphone / speaker combo. The microphone also sends an alert if the doggy starts to bark. The primary functionality of the pet feeder is to toss them a treat with the aid of a device whenever there is a need for it.

Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster

Playing a game of fetch with your furry pal is a great way to bond with him. But there are times when your furry companion still wants to play once you are tired of throwing the ball. With the aid of this product, you can shoot the ball up to 50 feet in the air. It employs special softer balls to reduce the risk of injury. It makes playing with your doggy a fun activity.

iQPet StarWalk

With the help of this product, it is now possible to keep a track of your furry companion’s daily activity. The device is helpful in monitoring total steps taken by the doggy, their most active period, distance traveled and temperature. It lights up to alert you when the doggy requires more exercise. The light can also be used during nighttime walks so that you can see your pooch at all times.

PetNet Smart Feeder 

It is a tendency of pets to draw the short straw when we humans have dinner or after-work plans. With the aid of this smart feeder, now it is possible for your pet to get their food while you are socializing. This device measures portions based on the pet’s age, activity level and weight. Rest assured that no matter how hectic your life is your furry companion is getting the much needed food.

Pet Supplies Gifts For Pets On This Holiday Season

While gifting these items to your furry companions, do not forget about their basic pet supplies requirement catering to categories like flea & tick, wormers, heartwormers, and joint care. With the festivities going around, you would be searching for a pet store that can provide these pet products at an affordable rate. CanadaVetExpress is one of the leading pet care supplies store in the country that understands your predicament. It provides cost-effective branded pet products that are loved by its clients.

On the commencement of the holiday season, the company is offering 12 % discount on all its pet products.  This is your chance to save big on the purchase of your favorite pet products. With the already slashed prices, you are now getting an additional discount. So, don’t wait. Rush today and use the Coupon Code :EXTRA12 to avail the discount. Have a great holiday season with your furry companions!!!

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