How To Effectively Prevent And Get Rid Of Fleas The Natural Way?

If you’ve noticed your four-legged pal vigorously scratching away its fur to no end, be sure it’s related to parasites. One of the common causes of excessive scratching in dogs and cats is, without a doubt, fleas. These pesky and troublesome creatures can wreak havoc and you can only be relieved once they are thoroughly eliminated. While there are many chemical treatments available that treat fleas on dogs and cats, they only help to treat your pet and not the surroundings. Hence, to completely eliminate fleas from your pet and home, natural remedies can be given a shot. In this particular blog, we will be spilling out effective natural remedies that help in treating as well as getting rid of fleas from your home for good.


Natural Remedies That Help In Thorough Flea Elimination

Below are 5 awesome remedies that will help you eliminate fleas for good the natural way. Go ahead, read through them all.


#1. Lemon

Lemons are excellent at combating fleas. The strong smell is enough to help repel fleas. All you have to do is, cut up the lemon into thin slices and place it in a pint of freshwater. Heat it up until it is nicely boiled. Then empty the liquid into a spray-like bottle and apply wherever you notice excessive fleas gathering.


#2. Garlic

Just like we cannot stand fleas, they feel the same towards garlic. And hence, garlic is a great natural way of repelling fleas and getting them out of your lives. Take a few garlic pods and place them in a pan. Now fill the pan up with water and boil it for some time. Let it sit for approximately 12 hours. Then empty the liquid into a spray can. Go around spraying the liquid to drive fleas away from your pet as well as from your house.


#3. Dish Washing Liquid

Apart from helping you thoroughly clean your plates and dishes, this product can also be used to kill fleas and get rid of them once and for all. It is arguably one of the easiest ways to trap and destroy fleas that cause trouble. Take a bowl of warm water and add enough dishwashing liquid to it. Once done, place the bowl of liquid on the floor and light a candle near it. Do this at night so that fleas will get attracted to the light and get trapped in the soapy water.


#4. Baking Soda And Salt

Fleas can be found absolutely anywhere in the house such as under carpets and rugs. Thus, it is imperative to keep such places cleans at all times. Using an amalgamation of baking soda and salt helps in this (getting rid of fleas) regard. Sprinkle salt along with baking soda on carpets or on rugs until they get absorbed. Doing this twice a week will help in the quick reduction of fleas in your home and keep your buddy free from fleas.


#5. Hot Water

If you do not any of the above, then we recommend using hot water. That’s right! Hot water is excellent at getting rid of fleas for good. All you have to do is add 3 to 4 cups of detergent powder in hot boiling water. Submerge all the carpets, your pet’s belongings such as his bed, toys, etc. The excessive heat helps in thoroughly eliminating the parasites that were clinging onto the beddings and stuff. Once nicely rinsed, dry them out in the sun before using them again.

There are many more such natural remedies that aid in keeping your home and pet flea-free, but for now, these would be enough for pet parents like you to keep your home free of fleas. Stay alert and stay safe.

But remember, it is to be noted that all these natural remedies help in keeping your surroundings free from fleas and ticks. To efficiently get rid of such parasites from your pet’s body, it is important to get him on a flea and tick preventative schedule. For the best and most affordable flea and tick products for your cats and dogs, check out CanadaVetExpress NOW!

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