Study Shows How Pets Help To Relieve Stress in Pet-parents

It’s a matter of fact that we humans have to deal with loads of factors in life that may also have an adverse effect on our health. However, it’s just when you make a pet an integral of your life is the moment when a lot many things can take a twist. Yes, we can say this because we held a study regarding how pets help in de-stressing their pet-parents and asked our customers to share their experiences. And, in response to the same, we received some heartfelt real-life incidents of how a pet can make a major difference in your life. Therefore, here is one of the most Preferred Stories That We’re Sharing With You All.


A Heartwarming Story By Our Elite Customer

It was the midst yet peak time of my life. We had raised our kids well and they were happy with their chosen paths. I and my husband Andrew were happier to enjoy this phase of our life until our fate took a miserable twist. It was right in the evening when I got a call from a stranger saying that my husband had met with an accident and he was taken to the hospital and I was terrified to hear that. But, my situation became worse when I got to know that my life partner was no more. The person around whom my life rotated is no more beside me and trust me, there’s no bigger loss than that.

I was depressed, saddened, lonely, and in no condition to work. I discontinued my job, stopped seeing people, was all day at home trying to figure out the bits and pieces of my scattered life. Months passed but my situation was beyond tractable. It was Andrew’s b’day and I remembered how Andrew and I used to make a wish list on our birthday and exchanged it just to let each other know what can be their options. And, when I was pulling off the wish list that we made every year, I found Andrew’s last wish list that mentioned just one wish ‘To get a pet this year’. I couldn’t hold back my tears because I clearly hated animals and that was the reason why Andrew never adopted a pet.

So, right another morning I grabbed some courage and went to the shelter to fulfill my life partner’s wish, Yes, I went to get a pet. Though the presence of so many cats and dogs gave me chills, I managed to grab a cute but not so little pup. With a lesser amount of confidence, I finally adopted a dog. Of course, my children were in a different city otherwise they would’ve been the happiest people after Andrew to adopt a pet. However, somewhere in the corner of my heart, I was happy to have the puppy in my hand. I named my pup, Alex, no reason it’s just that Andrew had already mentioned the name as well. Initially, it was a conundrum for me to handle an animal, I faced many issues to understand him and to make him understand or to train him. But, the time has its own way to solve the problems. And, that’s how with all the efforts, love, and care, I and Alex managed to be at peace together. We played, we laughed, we shopped, we exercised, we read, Alex was right there beside me when I sobbed while missing Andrew. To my surprise, Alex became the epicenter of my life. How magically he got me back to the routine where my life no more felt surrounded by the clouds of stress, anxiety, depression, and loneliness.

After experiencing how it feels to be a pet-parent all I can say that having a pet in your life is the best thing that can ever happen to anyone. It’s like I didn’t give life to a pet, it’s my little pet that dragged me into the light from the darkness.

And, I cannot be more than thankful to Andrew that he smartly managed to give a gift to live even when he wasn’t a part of it.

Hey, I am Sandra Williams and this is my story. Every pet-parent has his or her own story, I am sure even you too will have one. Adopt a pet and see how they’ll change your life.

Touchy!  Isn’t it? Well, that was a story of our customer, and moving further let’s dig deeper into studies conducted to prove how pets help to de-stress pet-parents.

Having a pet in life adds more than into it. Well, millions of pet owners are happy to have pets in their lives. Where most of them have been influenced by other pet owners to adopt a pet either dog or a cat it is crucial to see that what aspects they have considered for the same. While most pet parents are allured by the immediate joy that a pet brings in their life, it is equally important to be aware of the physical, mental, and emotional health benefits that a pet can bring into your life. And, this can be substantiated by the studies conducted scientifically to explore the benefits of the animal-human bond.

Studies have concluded that:

  • People owning pets have lower blood pressure in stressful situations. Moreover, studies even found that people suffering from borderline hypertension witnessed a significant decline in their blood pressure after a few months of adopting a dog.
  • Cats and dogs help to calm the storm within pet parents because just playing with them helps to elevate the levels of dopamine and serotonin.
  • Pet-parents have a lower risk of suffering from depression than those without pets.
  • Pets keep your hearts happy and healthy and that’s why heart attack patients with pets survive longer than those without pets.
  • Having a pet in life will keep their pet parent’s cholesterol and triglyceride levels lower as compared to those without pets.
  • Pet-parents with pets over 65 years are likely to have fewer visits to the doctors.
  • Regularly exercising with the pet gives the greatest health benefits to the pet-parents and even improves their cardiovascular health.
  • And, a pet-parent never has to face loneliness.

Irrespective of breed, shape, size, or color, pets do make an excellent companion for life. Therefore, if you’re also the one planning to be a pet-parent then don’t buy but ensure to adopt a pet from a rescue or a shelter and see how they glorify your life with all the unconditional affection, care, and loyalty. Happy Parenting!