How To Protect Your Pets Easily During Summer?

Finally, summer is around the corner and we are braced to face and enjoy all that the summer has to offer. Just like us, our pets love summer for numerous reasons. It’s certainly exciting to plan summer activities with pets but with the rising temperatures rises the health risk for them. It’s vital for pet-parents to know that their dog not only might suffer from overheating and heatstroke but can also have parasitic infestations.


Summer Is Coming So Are The Fleas!

The scorching weather can hamper your pup’s routine be it an outdoor playtime, regular walks and park visit, etc. On the top, if you are planning for a vacation with your dog then you may also worry about their allergies and infections, which requires diligent care. Pet-parents need to remain vigilant when it comes to ubiquitous parasites such as fleas and ticks because summer is their most favorable weather. The increased humidity in summer provides an ideal for survival as well as increased reproduction rates for fleas and ticks.

Fleas not only feed on your pet but they also induce skin allergies in pets. The creepy critters can also transmit other parasites, such as tapeworms and other harmful flea-borne diseases.

Ticks attach to the dog by inserting their mouthpart into the dog’s skin and then they feed on your dog’s blood. Tick not only feeds on your pet’s body but it can also cause many diseases in your pet. Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever are the most familiar and fatal diseases caused by ticks in pets.

Therefore, the most convenient way to keep these parasites at bay is to prevent them. So, you can get the best flea and tick preventives at CanadaVetExpress at highly affordable prices. Moreover, ensure to consult your veterinarian before providing any flea and tick treatment or preventives to your pet.


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CanadaVetExpress wishes all Pawfect Pet Parents and Furry Kids, a Happy and Safe Summer!