Pets in Summer-Expectation V/S Reality

Summer is around the corner and we are geared up to grab the summer vibes. After those chilly nights, it’s time to prep up for bright sunny days. And if you have pets then all you would be thinking about several ways to protect your dog from the scorching heat. But, wait your dog has some other plans. He might be smirking by picturing the scenario about everything a dog wants to do in summer. While here pet-parents want things to go a bit differently.

Well, not complicating it more, here’s what a dog expects his summer to be. Let’s have a look.


Well, well, summer’s not about preventing heat but also about feeling its rays. And we understand how excited pets can be to spend summers with their pet-parents. Therefore, we have a smarter choice for pet-parents and that’s to take all the precautions instead of looking out for the cure when it comes to your pet’s health. CanadaVetExpress has come up with the cool summer sale on pet care products so that you can easily chill with your pooch. Right from the flea and tick preventives to the skincare products, the sale rolls for all. Grab the deal now. Happy Summer!