Reasons You Should Care For Your Kitty – International Cat Day Special

Cats are notorious, moody and dominating yet we all love them insanely. They do many things that are quite annoying. However, we still adore them for their cuteness and innocence. They do just about anything when driven with inquisitiveness and can even scratch you inadvertently to gain your attention. But all these little gestures make them all the more beautiful creatures. They make the best companions and thus deserve to be looked after carefully and dedicatedly.

Reasons To Take Care Of Your Cat On International Cat Day

  1. Brings positivity to your life.
  2. Make for a great stress buster.
  3. Brings presents to please you.
  4. Shows love through squinting eyes and head-butting.
  5. Makes for a great companion for lonely and elderly people.
  6. Improves mental health.
  7. Plays a great buddy to your kid.
  8. Goes crazy when they see you approaching the door after a long day of
  9. Snuggles you in the bed.
  10. Gives great company to other pets in the house.
  11. Does weird things that are crazy and makes you laugh.
  12. They are just like other pets yet unique.
  13. Are possessive about you and seek your attention.
  14. They also suffer from diseases just like you.
  15. They are completely dependent on you for their care.
  16. They also get dirty in mud just like you.
  17. Their presence helps you cope up with difficulties of life.
  18. Makes you active when you run after them.
  19. Keeps you busy all the time.
  20. They are less expensive than bigger animals.

Kitties become a member of your family when you bring them to your house. They help us lead a happy life and bring the same excitement just as a newborn child. And as our kids are dependent on us, so are our pets. They are our responsibility and thus must be fed and looked-after well. You must satiate all their necessities and supplies which are needed for them to stay healthy, be it food, supplements, grooming …everything. We all know cats are amazing companions to humans. Thus, they must be supported for making our lives worth living. In fact, people that have pets are less likely to commit suicides due to depression than the ones that don’t have one. So isn’t it a good enough reason to take care of your life savior?! Or, if you don’t have a cat then to adopt one?!

This International Cat Day let’s honor them and help them get healthier by bringing positive changes in their life. Let’s spend more time to nurture them so they feel blessed and special because they certainly hold a special place in our heart.