Tips for Grooming Your Dog at Home

How-to-groom-your-dog-at-home-Grooming your canine is equally essential as feeding him. We’re not saying that you have to groom him every day, but at least once in two weeks, you must groom him. Dog grooming is important because it not only helps you to maintain proper hygiene, but it also assists you in keeping your four-legged friend free from health concerns. While some pet parents seek the help of professional groomers to groom their ball of fur, most of them cannot afford such treatments. Fret not because we have tips for you to groom your furry pal at home.

DIY Home Grooming Tips for Dogs

If you want your canine to lead a good, long and healthy life then grooming is a must. Grooming your Fido on a regular basis is pivotal. Here’s how you can groom your buddy at home.

Calm Him Down With Treats

While trying to groom your four-legged pal, chances of him getting restless are high. Thus, to make the whole grooming procedure a positive and stress-free process, offer your pal treats as a reward for staying calm. Different pets take amounts of time to get comfortable so be patient. If your buddy shows any signs of discomforts, stop immediately and try again after some time or better, the next day.


Brush Fur Regularly

A few minutes of fur brushing on a regular basis is helpful in getting rid of dirt and debris that tend to cling onto your pal’s coat. Some pets will require more brushing time than others due to an abundance of fur. Regular brushing will not only help to keep your pet hygienic, but it will also aid in having to vacuum less hair, which in turn will keep your home cleaner.

Careful With Matted Hair

Matted hair is quite common in older and arthritic dogs and is found in areas that are hard to reach. When you groom your canine, look out for matted hair. These can cause irritations and pain, so be careful when you deal with matted hair. Refrain from using scissors to get rid of matted hair, instead use a comb (preferably, a metal comb) to gently pick the tuft of hair apart. If you notice plenty of matted fur, seek a professional groomer’s assistance or call up your local vet for help.

Frequent Bath Is a Must

Ideally, bathing your furry pal at least once in two weeks is essential in keeping him hygienic and healthy. But this may vary from pet to pet depending on various factors like size and health of the dog.


Use Pet Shampoo Only

To incur more savings, many pet parents tend to use human shampoo on their fur babies. But in truth, human shampoos have a different pH then dog shampoos and are more or less ineffective on your pet’s skin. Hence, when bathing your ball of fur, use pet shampoo only.


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Remember to Trim Nails

Trimming nails is also a part of your dog’s grooming process. Long nails make it hard for your pal to walk around. It can also lead to unwanted cuts and scratches. An easy way to know when to cut your buddy’s nails is when you hear a clicking sound while he walks around the house. Furthermore, use a dog nail clipper to trim his nails.


Avoid Cutting the Quick

While trimming your munchkin’s nails be very careful. Within the nails there lies a pink area that is visible to the naked eye. This pink area contains nerves and blood vessels and is known as the quick. If you happen to cut the quick by mistake, quickly stall the flow of blood by applying styptic powder or cornstarch. If the blood continues to ooze out, immediately call out for a vet’s help.

Keep these simple tips in mind and you’re good to go. Also, do not forget to have the necessary equipment required for the various grooming steps. Furthermore, if you don’t feel good about grooming your pal, there is always the option of taking the help of a professional groomer. But remember, whether you do it yourself or seek professional help, grooming your dog is compulsory.

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