Tips on How to Train a Stubborn Dog


Do you have a dog that just doesn’t listen to your commands? Perhaps you might be thinking that he’s such a stubborn dog. But the truth is dogs are not generally stubborn. They are simply untrained dogs that either lack proper training or have never been trained at all. Getting your furry pal to train isn’t smooth sailing at all, more so if he’s the so-called stubborn type.

When you notice your buddy not listening to you, the time is right to teach him some dog obedience techniques.

1. Sitting Down

Frustration might creep in when your dog just doesn’t understand the simple “sit down” command. In such situations, it is important to not get bogged down. Stay calm and follow this simple technique. All you need is a dog treat and you’re good to go. Grab the dog treat with your thumb and index finger, holding it higher (preferably above your head). Now ask your dog to watch you and when he does so, tell him to sit down. As he goes down, slowly loosen and drop your hand down a bit. Once he sits down, reward him with that treat. Keep doing it on a regular basis until you do not have to rely on the treat to get your dog to sit down.


2. Potty Training

Fed up of your stubborn canine pal taking a dump all over your house? Well, this sight can only be possible if you haven’t potty trained him at all. But worry not, you’re never too late to make things right. A simple way to overcome this problem is to first select the place you want your buddy to do his business. Next up, grab a treat and break it into several tiny pieces. Then place each piece at a distance, the last of which should be on the spot you want him to poo. Once your buddy finds the final piece let out the word “potty” several times. Praise her immensely and give her more treats if your plan worked. If it didn’t, keep trying until you succeed.

3. Leash Walking

You might have dealt with your buddy pulling away at the leash, making it hard to firmly grip on it. One way to overcome this is to use the widely used method called the “circle method”. When you walk your dog and he all of a sudden starts pulling, utter some commonly used negative words and begin walking the opposite direction. It’s basically like walking a few steps and the dog pulls and you turn around to walk back. Be firm and do not give in. Keep moving like this in circles until your pal has had enough. Make him know that walking is a reward and when he does stop pulling, reward him so that he knows he’s doing the right thing.


4. No Barking

Ever encountered your dog suddenly barking during the middle of the night? Obviously, your dog won’t be barking for no rhyme or reason. You may think otherwise, but barking could be associated with various reasons like feeling hungry, wanting to go for a poo, scared about something, etc. But if your dog just loves barking, then try hushing him by saying the word “hush” with a deep voice. It should work!

A Few More Tips to Keep in Mind

Apart from getting your ‘stubborn’ dog to do the right thing, there are few more tips you must keep in mind.

  • Put more emphasis on the positive rather than drifting your focus on the negative.
  • During training, use a harness or a leash. Refrain from using a choke collar.
  • Use your dog’s name a lot during training. It will help him grasp things better and quicker.
  • Sometimes it good to be firm with your dog. Demand for his attention; do not just simply ask for it.


Training a disobedient or so-called stubborn dog is not at all easy. A lot of patience and calmness from your side is essential to successfully train your stubborn Fido. So, what are you waiting for? Get cracking!


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