popular-dogs-on-instagramArguably Instagram and dogs are made for each other the reason being the popularity of dog accounts on Instagram. Dogs literally rule this social media platform by supplying a daily dose of stress-busting cuteness and positivity to millions of frustrated and stressed people around the world struggling with their work and personal life, sitting with their cell phone and scrolling one picture after another on Instagram. In a way, these dogs, unknowingly, are serving a cause by giving a reason to smile to depressed people.

Well, if these adorable fidos are doing such great things, then they obviously deserve to be famous. Read below to know more about such #insta_famous_dogs

1. @baconator- The Baconator

Bacon is an interesting mix of Pekingese, Dachshund, and Chihuahua and with 27.7k followers and 562 posts, this expression king is our top pick not because of the followers but because of the amazing facial expressions he delivers that many star actors can’t. The images on his Instagram handle will definitely make you go- “Wow that dude’s expressions are dope”.

This dude also has a fun bio-” Hey there young whippersnappers! I’m Old Man Bacon, but don’t you dare touch my beard! I’m a rescue Peke/Doxie/Chi, now get off my lawn!”

2. @Diariesofdiana- Diana Chopra


This cute little pup is a celebrity pup of a celebrity. Yes, you guessed it right, Priyanka Chopra. Tagged as the most stylish celebrity pup, Diana Chopra is indeed stylish and cute. Her Instagram handle is growing super fast and currently, she has 103k+ followers and 151 posts.

This is what Priyanka, an Indian origin actor had posted the image on Instagram and thanked animal league and BuzzFeed when she adopted this naughty little pup –

Caption-“So @animalleague and @buzzfeed made my day so bright with these beautiful rescue puppies… Should this one be mine? She kept snuggling into my arms… Like she needed to be protected…”


3. @norbertthedog- Norbert


A therapy dog, author, and philanthropist, Nobert is a ball of fur and a pooch worth celebrating. Even a glance at him would be enough to calm even the most troubled mind in the world. Loves to volunteer at Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles, this pooch, with his wink and tongue outside, is breaking the Instagram with 752k+ followers and 1139 posts.


4. @itsdougthepug- Doug


Doug the pug is the next Pop Star. A self-proclaimed King of Pop Culture, his Instagram page is an unlimited source of some really entertaining stuff and we strongly recommend you to go through Doug’s Insta account. He has 3.7 m + followers and 2598 posts these numbers are enough to give you an idea of his popularity.

Do check out the funny video-Jonas Puggers, inspired by Nick Jonas’s New single ‘Sucker’.


5.@ tunameltsmyheart- Tuna


Tuna, a stunningly cute dog with stunningly cute expressions, and with 2m+ followers and 2479 posts, has an Instagram that would make your day and melt your heart. He is a Chihuahua-Dachshund mix toy breed called Chiweenie.

Not only these, but there are also plenty of other dogs, cats, and pets on Instagram waiting to entertain you and wash away all the depressing thoughts from your brain. It’s a scientifically proven fact that adopting a dog and raising him/her relieves your stress and fills you with positivity.

Hence, if you are a pet parent, you are blessed.

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