Everything You Need To Know About Apoquel for Dogs

Everything-about-ApoquelDid you know that the sudden allergies in your dogs can be much more than just allergies if not properly taken care of? Has your veterinarian suggested that allergies could be a problem for your dog? Perhaps, if you suspect that your dog has allergies then this piece of information will work best for you. Allergies in dogs are not as normal as we believe it to be. Skin allergies, food allergies, environmental allergens all cause challenges for pets and pet parents.

Whatever the case may be, there’s a sure shot solution called Apoquel for your dog’s itching problem. You can have an in-depth overview to know more about this product.

What Is Apoquel For dogs?

Apoquel is a powerful anti-allergic treatment manufactured by Zoetis. It is a fast-acting treatment that treats pruritis caused due to allergic dermatitis and atopic dermatitis in dogs. These are the anti-inflammatory tablets which provide relief within 4 hours of administration and by 24 hours the itching is alleviated completely. It is fully capable of putting a stop to one of the most uncomfortable manifestations of allergies called itching. It is a revolutionary dog allergy treatment that goes right to the source of an itch to provide relief.

Typically, Apoquel works anywhere from 12-24 hours once administered. Additionally, Apoquel can be used concomitantly with other treatments that include NSAIDS, parasiticides, antifungals, anti-infectives, and allergen-specific immunotherapy.

Allergies That Are Treated By Apoquel

How Does Apoquel Work?

Apoquel contains Oclacitinib that acts as a Janus Kinase Inhibitor (JAK) which stops the functioning of cytokines associated with inflammation and allergies in dogs. Apoquel is an effective treatment for skin allergy in dogs. It targets specific cytokines that cause itch and inflammation with minimal impact on the immune system. Apoquel inhibits the functioning of a variety of pruritogenic and proinflammatory cytokines, including JAK1 and JAK3 dependent cytokines involved in dog allergies.

What Are The Benefits of Apoquel?

  • Apoquel treats pruritis associated with allergic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, and food allergy.
  • It provides relief within 4 hours.
  • Effectively controls itch within 24 hours.
  • Uniquely targeted to stop the itch with a minimal negative impact on the immune system.
  • Apoquel can be used with parasiticides, NSAIDS, and anti-fungal treatments.
  • Safe for short and long-term usage.
  • It can be given with or without food.
  • Can be safely used in dogs that weigh more than 6.6 pounds and are at least 12 months old.


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What Is The Cost Of Apoquel?

Apoquel is reasonably priced when compared with other costs of keeping atopic dogs comfortable. The three tablet sizes – Apoquel tablets 3.6mg, Apoquel tablets 5.4mg, Apoquel tablets 16mg are all similarly priced which means bigger dogs are not greatly disadvantaged.

The Preventive Measures Of Apoquel

  • Do not use Apoquel in dogs that are less than 12 months or weigh less than 6.6 pounds.
  • The product must not be used in breeding, pregnant or lactating dogs.
  • Keep out of the reach of children and other pets.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Must not be used in cats.
  • Do not administer Apoquel in case of hypersensitivity to Oclacitinib.
  • Wash hands after handling the product.

 How To Give Apoquel To My Dog?

Apoquel tablet must be administered orally as per the weight of the dog.

It is recommended to consult your vet in order to have a clear idea about providing the appropriate dosage for your pet.

Side Effects Of Apoquel For Dogs

Apoquel comes with its own set of side effects just as any other treatment. This may include vomiting, diarrhea, appetite loss, lethargy, and possible reactions. However, the good thing is that these side effects can be resolved within 24 hours. Moreover, if your pet faces any severe reactions, you should immediately consult your vet.

It doesn’t matter if your dog is suffering from food allergies, atopic allergies or anything else because itching only tends to make the condition worse. So, Apoquel offers a promising solution to relieve itching in dogs by attacking the root of the problem.