National Lost Pet Prevention Month – Spread The Awareness

National-Lost-Pet-Prevention-MonthNational Lost Pet Prevention Month was created by PetHub in July 2014 to raise awareness regarding the spike in the number of cases of lost pets every year. Statistics derived from the study conducted by National Council of Pet Population Study and Policy and the National Humane Society state that 10 million pets are lost every year and hardly 10 pets out of this huge number are found. The reports also indicate that the maximum numbers of pets are apparently lost in the month of July. Reason being, this particular month is the busiest of all as lot many people go on summer vacations and travel with their pets. Thus, the chances of pet owners losing their furry kids in the summer months apparently increase. Another major contributor to this epidemic of a pet was found to be the negligence of pet owners to file such cases.


Courtesy – HuffPost

Running a campaign to raise a concern and educate people of the prevention strategies seems to be the apt way to bring the issue into the limelight, and thus CanadaVetExpress insist people to report about their displaced pets.


What You Must Do To Prevent Losing Your Pet?

Most vets and animal activists advise pet owners to microchip their pet so they can be tracked easily. Additionally, all pets must wear identification collars with their owner’s name and emergency cell phone number mentioned clearly on the tag.


What To Do If The Pet Goes Missing?

  • The first thing to do if your pet goes missing is to start searching. Look around your vicinity and small places where a pet can hide easily.
  • Spread the word in your neighborhood so they can inform you in case they find your pet somewhere.
  • Another best option is to check in animal shelters as pets can seek refuge among their pack.
  • Keep the local veterinarians informed about the missing pet so they can inform you if a rescuer comes to them with the pet.
  • You can also print fliers with a clear photograph of your pet on it, a reward for the rescuer and your contact details. Paste them on lamp posts or wherever possible.
  • Always keep your phone with you to remain available if the people try to contact you.
  • Run ads in the local newspapers as well as on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


What You Can Do To Spread Awareness?

  • Educate people about prevention methods and how to assuage their pets if they find them.
  • Volunteer for a campaign; assist people in finding their missing pets.
  • Spread pet physical and mental health awareness. Pets that are distressed often have a tendency to evade and thus staying aware of your pet’s mental state is necessary.

National Lost Pet Prevention Month is the best occasion to take a resolution of ensuring the safety of your pets, ensuring to forge the long-lasting bond you dreamt of while having it. Let us all pledge to keep our pets’ surroundings as friendly as possible and make conscious efforts to track and get our pals back in case one goes missing.