5 Fun Games You Can Plan For National Dog Party Day

Running out of ideas as to what you must do on a dog party day. Don’t fret! We have a list of games that you can plan for your dog’s party this year.


Bone Hunt

Bone hunt is a very interesting game for puppies. You can hide 30-40 plastic bones at a height of a mature dog and let the pups hunt the bones on their hand and knees. It is funny to see those little pooches to run around like that for a treat and is equally engrossing for the pet as well.


New Trick

This is a hilarious game and requires all pet parents to stand with a treat turn by turn, and show it to their dog. The parent should ask him to sit, lie or roll over to take the treat from their hand.


Musical Hula Hoops

Musical Hula hoops is another version of musical chair wherein you will have to make a line of hula hoops placed at a distance of a minimum of three feet. The parent should walk their dog on a leash as the music plays and the moment the music stops they will have to command their dog to sit in the hula hoop. You must remove one hula hoop with each round so that in the end only two dogs are left to compete for one hula hoop.


Hide and Seek In Aisle

If you are hosting a party in a grass lawn, you can simply divide the play area into four rows where participating dogs will have to walk and find a treat hidden under the two or three boxes placed distantly. The owner must walk the dog along the aisle and let him find the treat. A dog that finds all the hidden treats first, should be announced a winner.  Parents will have to instruct their pets to be quick and keep them motivated throughout their quest.


Bark It out

It may sound a little noisy but this game is a real fun and each dog is a winner in this game. What you need to do is to ask each parent to command their dog to bark, and the louder he barks the bigger will be his treat. You can also award them for various kinds of barks like the loudest, the funniest, etc.



Courtesy- DNCE Music

With all these fun ideas we are sure your dog party for this year will be the coolest. However, when you organize one you must designate separate areas for games, poops, and refreshments. Also, it is important to choose your guest wisely. Parents with dogs that are aggressive or sluggish need not attend the party as they can either create a fuss or may not participate well, making the game slow and boring. Other than that, you must also ensure the dogs participating in the party are healthy because if any one of the dogs is carrying an infestation, he/she can transmit it to other pets. So, be very meticulous in preparing the guest list and also, be vigilant at the party to prevent any nuisance.

Wish you good luck for a Rocking Dog Party!

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