First-Ever Broad Spectrum Treatment For Cats: Nexgard Combo Spot-On

Nexgard combo spot on for cats

Cat parasites are really annoying. Fleas, ticks, worms, and a slew of other parasites might cause havoc in your furry ball’s life. They can keep your kitty from living her best life.

Fortunately, parasite prevention medicines are available on the market which can keep cats safe from these unwanted creeps. However, due to cost, convenience, and feasibility concerns, many cat parents around the world are unable to use multiple preventions.

And to overcome this problem, Boehringer Ingelheim has recently added a brand new product to its Nexgard series—NexGard Combo Spot-on for Cats, which is touted as the first ever broad spectrum parasiticide for cats.

NexGard Combo is the first and the only spot-on treatment for cats that treats the widest range of feline internal and external parasites. This means you won’t have to spend on multiple treatments, and your cat won’t have to go through several administrations.

The Groundbreaking NEXGARD COMBO for Cats

Cat parasites aren’t easy to deal with. Various internal and external parasites cause itching and other skin problems in cats. They may also lead to anemia, diarrhea,  poor coat conditions, and other health problems. Therefore, it is essential to protect cats from these vexatious parasites. NexGard Combo is one such groundbreaking product to deal with these cat parasites.

  • Treats adult fleas, flea eggs, ticks, heartworms, hookworms, roundworms, lungworms, vesical worms, and tapeworms.
  • A unique and powerful formulation of an interesting new isoxazoline-based endectocide.
  • Kills fleas within just 24 hours before they lay eggs, hence disrupting the flea cycle.
  • Kills Ixodes ricinus (castor bean tick or sheep tick), the most prevalent type of ticks on cats, within 48 hours and provides five-week protection against it.
  • Kills ear mites with 97.2 to 99.9% efficacy.
  • Can be used to prevent heartworm disease.
  • Can be also used as a part of treatment for flea allergy dermatitis.

A Unique ENDECTOCIDE  Formulation

The new NexGard Combo is a systemic isoxazoline-based endectocide designed specifically to target the most common cat parasites. An endectocide is a parasiticide that acts on both endoparasites and ectoparasites. It is packed with three powerful key ingredients- Esafoxolaner, Eprinomectin, and Praziquantel. 


It is an ectoparasiticide, which means it kills the parasites that live on the or in the cat’s fur, ears, or skin. Esafoxolaner disturbs the neurotransmission, causing uncontrolled nervous system activity and eventually the death of the parasite.


Eprinomectin, being an endoparasiticide, eliminates roundworms (Toxocara cati and Toxascaris leonine) that live inside the cat’s body by interfering with their nerve and muscle cells.


It is also an endoparasiticide that destroys the cell membranes of hookworms and tapeworms, tormenting them to death.

The revolutionary NexGard Combo provides one full month of protection from all the critters to keep your beloved feline safe.

EASY-TO-USE Spot-on Treatment

NexGard Combo has a systemic mode of action and is very easy to apply because of its innovative applicator. The contents of the applicator are to be emptied on the cat’s neck at a single location, where it cannot reach or lick it away. Read the instructions given on the pack carefully before using it or contact your vet for more information.

Available in TWO PACK SIZES

The all-rounder NexGard Combo comes in eye-catching and informational packaging and includes a kitten support pack, client literature, dispensing envelope, and parasite risk checker. It can be used on kittens as young as eight weeks old and weighing more than 0.8kg, ensuring your cat’s safety from the start.

It is available in two different volume applicators as per the cat’s body weight:

  1. Small for kittens weighing 0.8kg – 2.5kg (1.7lbs-5.5lbs)
  2. Large for adult cats weighing 2.5kg – 7.5kg (5.5lbs-16.5lbs)

For cats weighing 7.5kg or more, it is advised to use an appropriate combination of both applicators.



Jackie Sterratt, a senior brand manager at Boehringer Ingelheim, stated that the expanded NexGard portfolio will help vets treat more cats. According to him, the ratio of treating cats for parasites like fleas and worms is very low, and hence, there is significant room for improvement in treatment rates and compliance.


NexGard Combo is the only treatment on the market that cures most of the common cat endoparasites and ectoparasites as it is a simple and straightforward solution for cats vulnerable to several parasites. And since NexGard Combo is a proven, powerful, and efficient endectocide, veterinarians and cat parents are not just excited upon its arrival, but they look forward to a revolutionary change in terms of cat health.


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