5 Fun Things That Will Make Boxing Day Special For Your Dog

Things To Do With Your Pets At Boxing Day

Boxing day is a very special occasion that comes immediately after Christmas. On this very day, people relax and have time out after a great festive holiday. This day is also very special for your furry pal since he is always there for you in the thick and thin of the situation.

Let us now look at some of the activities that you enjoy with your furry pal on Boxing Day:


Things To Do With Your Pets At Boxing Day & Holidays


Agility Trials

Dog Agility Trials with Fun

This activity will require you to guide your furry pal through obstacle courses comprising of tunnels, hurdles, balance beams, climbing structures, teeter-totters etc. They can be competitive or can be conducted just for fun. This activity increases the confidence of the dog and releases excessive energy and learn to stay focused in high spirits.

Take Your Pooch On A Day Trip

Dog Day Trip To Enjoy

Most of the dogs love car rides. If you are visiting your family and friends on Boxing Day take your doggy along. You can even do some shopping with your furry pal. Dogs love to browse through pet stores. They may even pick up a treat or two, so be prepared to spend some money, which taking your doggy on a day trip.

Visit To Day Parks

Dog Day Parks Recreation

The dog park is one of the most secured places where your furry pal can have a gala time by meeting new dogs. If you have a toy-sized dog, ensure that you supervise him closely around other dogs. Please note that during play a big dog can injure a small dog so play safe and keep your furry pal happy and healthy.

Go For Hiking With Your Furry Companion

hiking with dogs

Most of the national parks in our country do not allow dogs on trails. But there are certain state parks that do. So, inquire and go for hiking with your doggy. But don’t forget to carry a first-aid kit, poop bags and plenty of water.

Take Your Furry Pal On A Vacation

Furry Pal On A Vacation

If you have not taken your furry pal on a vacation since a very long time, Boxing Day is the right day to reward him with an adventure of a lifetime. You can inquire about hotels that accept dogs in our country. There are also dog-friendly parks, beaches, restaurants and other attractions that can provide the ultimate vacation spot for your doggy. You can even take him to a dog camp that can help with games, training opportunities, and plenty of other dogs to interact with.

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