8 Effective Ways To Protect Your Dog From New Year Noise

Protect Your Pets From New Year Noise

New Year’s Eve is one of the most beautiful nights wherein people party hard all night and celebrate the New Year. But this day is also filled with anxiety specifically for pets. As soon as midnight strikes, there are fireworks, loud music, shouts and laughter which can make your Dog feel as if their world is under attack. There are certain pets that would jump out of the windows or harm their paws while trying to escape from the locked doors.

Let us look at different ways to protect your Dog from New Year noise:

Protect Your Pets From New Year Noise With These Tips


1. Create a “No Firecracker Zone” In Your House

Persuade members of the house to make your place a “no firecracker” zone.

2. Inform Neighbors Not to Light Or Throw Firecrackers

Courteously tell your neighbors not to light or throw firecrackers in proximity to your house.

3. Initiate Exercising Your Pet After New Year Eve’s

Take your Dog to exercise once the New Year Eve’s and the New Year Day is concluded and the smoke has been cleared.

4. Manage Your Environment

The environment around the pet needs to be as quiet as possible and as stress-free as possible.


5. Provide Temporary Refuge In The House To The Pet

The pet needs to be kept in a temporary refuge such as a quiet bedroom where there are less chances of hearing noises.

6. Confine The Windows And Play Soothing Music To The Pet

Protect Dog from Noise

The windows of the house need to be closed. Also ensure that the curtains are down. Then play a relaxing music that can be soothing to the ears of your Dog. This would ensure that the outdoor noise does not disturb your Dog and he feels safe and secure.

7. Always Have Ready Access To Drinking Water

Always have fresh availability of drinking water to the pet.

8. Never Yell / Shout At The Pet Once He Shakes Due To Fear

You should never yell or shout at the pet when he is trembling in fear. Remember, pets react in this way to a threat they do not comprehend and cannot confront.

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Enjoy With Pets….

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