How To Take Good Care Of Your Dog’s Paws?

The paws of your dog are surely meant for walking, but did you know it is also made for protecting them from several mishaps? Well, the pads on the dog’s paws are there to provide extra cushioning so as to protect their bones and joints from shockwaves, and in extreme climatic conditions, it provides insulation. It also helps them to walk properly, especially on the rickety ground and what now. It really does a lot and no wonder it is important for every pet parent to take good care of their pooch’s paws. In this blog, we will reveal to you some pawsome tips that will aid you in this regard.

Tips To Take Pawsome Care Of Your Dog’s Paws

Below are some tips that will assist you in taking really good care of your canine’s paws. Be sure to read them carefully before you implement them.

#1. Keep The Nails Nicely Trimmed

The nails of your canine shouldn’t be touching the ground, because if it does, you might hear a clicking sound while they walk on hard surfaces. If their nails are quite long, they can get easily snagged and that may cause injuries to them and they might have to limp until it gets adhered to. Thus, make sure to trim their nails very frequently to avoid their paws from getting damaged.


#2. Discourage Chewing And Licking

You’ll notice many dogs chewing or licking their paw pads every now and then. It’s not at all a good habit, because this can cause germs to seep into their paw pads, and later on, it can lead to rashes or bumps. But why do dogs chew and lick their paws? Well, the answer is fairly simple. There must be something that is bothering them that causes them to react in such a way. So while you try your best to discourage them from chewing and licking their paw pads, make sure to see as to what is bothering them and take quick action.


#3. Frequent Paw Checks

Paw checks are extremely important especially after your buddy is done playing outside or has finished some strenuous activity. There is likely that something may have got stuck on their paw pads while they were playing, so make sure you check their paws after they are done with playing outside. Ensure you take a closer look at their paws and watch out for any injuries or blisters.


#4. Paw Care Products

With changes in the weather conditions, a dog’s paws can get damaged real badly. Thus, it is imperative for pet parents to do something to prevent this from happening. One of the best ways to curb this is by opting for paw care products. Currently, Frontline Pet Care Paw Balm is a household name in the market and many pet parents are opting for this powerful solution. This formula is specifically designed for damaged or irritated paws and at the same time, it reduces itchiness and leaves behind a soothing effect. You can get this product at the most affordable rate only on CanadaVetExpress!

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#5. Protect The Paws During Winter

Summers in America and Canada are quite extreme and this can take a toll on your pet’s paws. Frostbites are a very common thing, and to prevent this from getting to your buddy, it is imperative to protect their paws. Try making them wear customized pet shoes before stepping outside. In this way, you will be keeping their paws warm and prevent it from frostbites.


#6. Avoid Walking On Hot Surfaces

Taking your dog for a walk in summer can very very challenging as well. Surfaces such as concrete and asphalt can get really hot and walking barefoot on it is definitely not recommended, let alone allowing your poor buddy to walk with their bare paws. A good way to check if the surface is walkable, use your barefoot and check to lay it on the surface for 5 seconds. If it’s bearable, then you can allow your buddy to walk on it. But if it’s not, we recommend making him wear customized shoes before setting foot.


#7. Keep First Aid Ready, Just In Case

Always keep a first aid kit ready with all the essential items so that in case of any minor cuts to your buddy’s paws, you can take quick and prompt action. This will ensure quick healing and prevent further damages. Although, for severe cuts, we recommend getting in touch with a vet as soon as possible.

Taking care of your buddy’s paws are extremely important, and we hope that the above pointers will aid you in taking really good care of their paws. So what are you waiting for? Go get cracking!