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10.10 Super Sale -CanadavExpress

Pet ownership entails a significant emotional – and financial – investment. Taking care of a pet can be economically not easy on pockets. In addition to this, as a pet parent, it is your responsibility to see that you have the needful amount of pet care supplies. This is especially important as you do not want to miss out on important treatments for your furry friend like flea and tick treatments, heartworm preventative and dewormers.

Keeping this in mind, CanadaVetExpress has come up with a Super Mega Sale this October 2021. From 9th October to 11th October, you can avail a site-wide additional 20% discount on all pet care supplies including top selling products like NexGard for Dogs and Bravecto for Dogs. This is the time for you to pile up your favorite brands of pet care supplies without giving a second thought.

Whether you’re preparing for a new arrival or stocking up on essentials for your current pet, CanadaVetExpress has you covered with everything you need at low prices. So don’t hesitate — the sale only lasts a few days, and popular items might sell out.

Why you should buy from CanadaVetExpress?

CanadaVetExpress has been a distinguished name in the pet care supplies market for the last couple of years. It has received positive feedback from pet owners in the USA due to its cost-effective pricing policy and genuine products.

With the additional discount of 20%, you can now get your favorite pet care supplies at an even cheaper cost. CanadaVetExpress has been renowned for its quality products for dogs, cats and birds encompassing heartwormers, flea and tick, wound repair, joint care, eye & ear care, Dewormers and dental products.

Benefits of Super Mega Sale!

  • Take advantage of selecting the best from a wide array of pet supplies for dogs, cats and birds.
  • Get an additional 20% discount on all pet care supplies which are far cheaper than the retail price of major brands in the USA.
  • There are no shipping charges in the United States, so you can get your favorite pet care supplies delivered to your door without spending a dime on shipping.
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Super Mega Sale Deal

You can get the best-branded products for your pet, such as flea and tick preventatives, heartworm preventatives, dewormers, oral health products, supplements, skincare, joint pain, wound care, and etc. Here is a big list of things that you can give your dog with a huge discount on all the stuff for being your best companion forever.

Don’t lose this opportunity and grab this Super Mega Sale discount where you are getting 20% extra discounts on pet health supplies and yes Free Shipping too. But while shopping on CanadaVetExpress do not forget to use the Coupon Code to avail the special discounts. This is a gesture of appreciation towards all pet owners.

Hurry up! Select any of the branded stuff from CanadaVetExpress for your furry pal and make him/her feel more special.

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