5 Top Treatments to Control Fleas and Ticks

best flea and tick treatment for dogs

Is your pet fidgety? Losing hair? Or scratching and biting its body abnormally?


Then you need to be extra cognizant of your pet’s health! These symptoms are some major signals that your pet is infested with fleas and ticks. Sometimes, the behavioral patterns of your pets may or may not unveil the underlying problems caused due to these creatures. Being a pet owner, it is better to stay informed about the serious health issues that these fleas and ticks can cause when left untreated for long. One must take preventive measures to avoid the infestation in the first place. Still, if the pet has already caught up these buggers, try these five amazing products. They work wonderfully in treating these blood-sucking parasites that are the reservoir of many diseases in pets. Just stay cautious about certain treatments and their administration, for there are products that are specific to the particular pet category.

Top Treatments for Fleas and Ticks

Frontline Plus

Frontline Plus for dogs


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An easy to use topical formula, Frontline Plus repels and eliminates fleas and other pests for upto 30 days. It destroys blood-sucking ticks within 2 days.  And the entire lifecycle of the fleas is expunged and prevented from recurring due to its highly active ingredients.

The formula is waterproof thereby allowing the pet to bath or swim even after its application.
Provides protection from various diseases like – Rocky Mountain Fever, Lyme Disease and is helpful in treating Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD).


Advantage for dogs

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Advantage is another super-effective, waterproof topical treatment for your beloved pet. It is quick in killing fleas and prevents flea-bites in a couple of minutes. Not just this, it controls and reduces the risk of Tapeworms and Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD) as well.

It kills almost 99% of flea larvae within half an hour. Moreover, it doesn’t wear out while bathing your pooch.


 This OTC product is an oral tablet which has the ability to kill adult fleas within a few minutes of its administration. Its active ingredient – Nitenpyram, swiftly removes adult fleas and just one dose is enough to kill all the fleas in your pooch’s body. However, you must check the dosage required according to your pet’s weight.

Can be administered to lactating or nursing dogs. Additionally, the treatment is short and imparts quick results.



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These delectable tablets are a great preventive measure for controlling fleas. It kills the flea at its egg stage thereby preventing its growth further. These come in four different packs differentiated according to the weight of the pets.

Completely safe for administration in a vast variety of pets.

CAUTION: Do not treat pooches younger than 6 weeks of age.


Bravecto for dogs


The highest selling chewable, specially designed to destroy the complete population of fleas and ticks, works quickly over your pets. It not just shoves off these creatures from the skin underneath the fur of your pet but also prevents their recurrence for almost 12 weeks. This highly effective treatment has proven to kill a varied range of tick species rapidly.

Kathleen Peterson from Northern Michigan says – “We love this product for our four dogs. Less messy, too!”


It can be administered to all the dog breeds including the lactating and pregnant dogs as well.

CAUTION: Weigh your dog and choose the tablet appropriate for its weight. Remember, the treatment must be followed without any break.

Take my word – Your pets are likely to thank you for preventing them from those painful bites and saving them from other flea-borne diseases that are life-threatening. Please ask your vet before starting any flea and tick treatment.

These top selling flea and tick treatment products not just protect your pet from infestation, rather, destroys the complete lifecycle of these obnoxious creatures. Apart from these, certain other factors like – vacuuming the house and keeping the surroundings clean can contribute greatly towards stopping their multiplication and recurrence. So, stay informed and act quick!

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