7 Tips to Keep Your Pets Tick-Free this Spring


Ticks are nasty critters that carry potentially dangerous diseases. While tick exposure can occur all year long, they are most active during spring.  So, before you think of basking in the sun or going for a hike in the upcoming days, make sure your pets are protected from these deadly little pests.

Beware: Spring Season is Tick Season

Ticks are tiny, blood-sucking parasites that thrive during the warmer months from March to September. So when spring is about to begin and temperatures rise, the tick season begins. Ticks not only cause a nuisance for pets but they transmit many dangerous diseases including Lyme disease, spotted fever, hepatitis, tularemia, and encephalitis among many others. Therefore, tick prevention in dogs is very essential, especially during the tick season.

How to Prevent Ticks on Dogs

The best and most effective way to prevent ticks is to keep your cat or dog up-to-date on flea and tick treatments. Here are some other tips that we hope will help you prevent your pet from ticks.

1. Use flea & tick treatments

Tick prevention can be best done with a vet-recommended flea and tick product. There are many flea and tick treatments in the form of topical spot-ons, chewables, collars, and shampoos available in the market Speak to your veterinarian to find the best way to keep ticks off your pet.

2. Cover up when going outdoors

Ticks feed on human and animal blood. To prevent them from attracting to naked skin, make sure to cover pets with suitable clothing while you take them out for a walk or while they’re playing in the backyard. Opting for light-colored fabrics may also help, as ticks are easily visible.

3. Always carry a tick remover

Make sure you have a tick removal instrument (such as a tweezer, forceps, hemostat, etc.) and antiseptic wipes, which you can easily purchase at pet stores when you are in a tick-prone habitat. This way, you can remove ticks from your pet instantly as soon as you spot them.

4. Do not carry ticks home

Did you know that ticks can get into your home by clinging onto your clothes and accessories? This is why checking your clothes for ticks before entering your house is essential to keep your home and your dog tick-free.

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5. Groom your pets regularly

Ticks can attach to your pet’s fur and skin easily. Grooming your pet regularly will help you keep a check, especially on the places on your pet’s body where ticks generally hide. Moreover, gently brushing your pets coat may also remove embedded ticks.

6. Stay in the middle of trails

Avoid walking through weeds, shrubs, and overhanging plants that grow along paths, since they may be a shelter for ticks. Walk through the middle of the trail as the leaf litter that accumulates on the sides of trails may also have a huge tick population residing inside.

7. Treat your environment too

Wash upholstery, rugs and pet bedding regularly and vacuum your carpets thoroughly to eliminate ticks inside the house. Keep your grass short and avoid overhanging plants in the backyard for the time being. You can also consider using a tick-control pesticide for controlling ticks.

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That was all about keeping your dog tick-free when the tick population springs in the spring! And as you know now, the #1 tip to do so is to use an appropriate flea and tick product for your dog. You can check out CanadaVetExpress to find the best flea and tick treatments at lowest prices online.