Top Safety Tips Before Visiting A Dog Park

Dogs park visit

A dog park can be a place of fun for your little friend. It can be a place, where he can socialize with other dogs and make friends. However, the grass is not as green as it appears on the other side. The lush green environment of the park is home to numerous parasites including fleas and ticks.

At the same time, keeping an eye on your pooch becomes imperative to stop him from drinking water from any contaminated source. Major worms including roundworms, hookworms and whipworms are present in these contaminated water sources and feces of other animals. This raises the level of threats a dog is exposed to in these parks.

The presence of some naughty furry pals also makes pet parent’s job little tough to stop their pet from entering into a scuffle with other dogs.

 A complete protocol to follow before visiting a dog park:-

  • Put your furry pal under the protection of flea preventives throughout the year.
  • Products like Frontline Plus or Advantage are popular names in wiping fleas from a pet’s skin.
  • A monthly heartworm preventive is must to protect your pooch from dangerous heartworm disease, which may be spread by mosquitoes. At the same time, protect him from intestinal worms through effective de-wormer.
  • Always make your Fido wear a dog collar, which has all relevant contact details.
  • Never allow your doggy to drink water from open water sources. Bring your own water bowl for your pet.
  • Discourage your pet from exploring the feces of other animals.
  • Make sure he is on vaccination and is not battling with any illness.
  • Do not leave your dog alone in the park. Keep an eye on him and see other dogs’ behavior towards him.
  • Train your dog in advance as such that it follows your command in an event of ‘gang war’ between different dogs
  • It is advisable not to bring treats and toys to the dog park as it can be distracting to other pets present in the park.
  • In the park, be vigilant to your surroundings and do not let yourself get distracted.
  • Keep an eye on your pet.

A dog park can be a great soothing experience for your furry friend. In park, you can exercise and make your dog socialize with other friendly dogs. At the same time, these spots are instrumental in networking with other dog parents and to know their perspective on pet parenting. This would enhance a pet parent’s own pet parenting experience.

Keeping the benefits in mind and following the measures to make a dog park visit a positive experience, enjoy going out with your fido and cherish those lovely pet moments.