Respect Your Cat Day Special- Right Ways To Take Care Of Your Kitty

National-Cat-DayCats are sensitive, shy and reticent creatures. Although they do love the human company, one must be aware that cats love to have control over them. Therefore, as a cat parent, you must know how to handle her carefully. Trivial errors in parenting could count disrespectful to this sensitive animal making them stay aloof from you. Understanding the nature of your kitty is thus the foremost requirement to pay her respect. Failing to which, you will only end up hurting her. Cats need love, caressing, some extra treats and feeding to feel special but, in all the right way. You can easily annoy a cat and make her feel unsafe even if you have overfed her. So, keep a check!

If you really want to make your kitty love you, then you should know how to pet them correctly. Here are some tips to help you. Read on.

How To Hold Your Kitty

You must be thinking I am nuts. After all, who doesn’t know how to hold a cat? Obviously, we all do, but it is important to hold her in a way that she feels comfortable and safe. The best way to do so is to hold her close. This will help her stay calm, stable and unafraid.

Know How Much To Feed

Every cat is unique and must be fed according to her age, activity level and metabolism. A healthy cat of 8 pounds would require somewhere around 240 calories a day. You, however, need to adjust proportions of dry and wet foods accordingly. Better take a vet’s advice to maintain a well-balanced diet.

Pet Your Cat The Right Way

Stay away from your kitty’s belly if you really want to pet her the way she loves it. Cats are moody and don’t appreciate petting if it disturbs them. Thus, the best way to pet them unperturbed is to gently pat their head and slowly caress the neck region. Your kitty will love it.

Understand The Body Language

When you comprehend what your cat is feeling, you tend to fare well in building a positive relationship with your cat. A cat’s tail and ears divulge much more emotions than her other body parts. A happy cat will have her tail upright with a slight bend at the end. A moving, twitching and wagging tail shows interest whereas a fast moving tail reveals that your kitty is annoyed. When the tail lies underneath the body while she is lying, it indicates stress.

Entertain A Bored Cat

Toys and treats are the best ways to entertain your dull, mood less cat if you are busy with some household chores. However, giving her your physical attention would prove an instant solution to perk-up your beloved kitty.

Cats are fragile, controlling and complicated. However, when cared well and treated in the correct manner, they turn out to be the most amiable creatures. Paying them respect for what they are and how they like things for them to be, will certainly be the best way to improve your relationship with the feline family, especially your beloved kitty. Moreover, you need to also take care of her health. Regular vet visits, grooming, balanced diet and monthly flea and tick treatments are a few things to follow to maintain your kitty’s health. Proper care and respect you provide to your kitty helps build a strong relation. Give respect to get respect. That’s all you need to remember!.