What would your Pooch Say to you if they could talk?

What would your Pooch Say to you if they could talk
“If dogs could talk it would take a lot of fun out of owning one.” – Andy Rooney

Quite often we look at dogs running their belly and wonder, “what would this doggie say if he was given a chance to speak?” In our excitement we even think whether there is a doggie accent with which different dog breeds interact with each other. This topic is very interesting because a dog with a human voice would make a remarkable being. Isn’t it?

These furry friends know the secret of being happy and if they could just have a friendly banter with us their positive energy would have been rubbed on to us. If they could speak, they would make these heartwarming requests to their owners:

Give me a purpose in life

The doggie would say, “People work to earn their bread by doing stuff that they love and even get paid for it. So why should I miss the chance of working and learning new things. Even I want to learn new things. So give me the work that I can enjoy which can make me wag my tails move around freely.”

Don’t even think about putting your arms around me… I hate hugs

The pooch would say to you, “A hug in your language means a sign of love and affection, but in doggie world it has a different connotation. In my world, it represents social status and can mean that you are restraining me. It is a direct invasion of my personal space. Remember, not every fellow being in my world can tolerate hugs.”

Never allow anyone to pet on my head, let alone you

Your tyke would say to you, “I cannot tolerate a stranger petting my head, let alone you as it makes me feel threatened. If anyone wants to pet me, rub my chest. Ask the stranger to take your permission before coming near me.”

The crazy sound environment created by human beings stresses me to no limit

Your four-legged friend would say to you, “You can hear sounds between 20-20,000 Hz. while we, dogs can hear up to 55,000 Hz. So, the next time you put on the loud speaker for events remember that it puts an additional stress on me. There is no apparent reason for you to play such loud sound when I possibly cannot join you in the event.”

I growl because I am scared

Your tyke would say to you, “I growl due to various reasons. If I growl at you while playing it is a harmless gesture that you can compare with a human laugh. But when I am under stress with visible teeth, fur raised, and tensed body, it means that I am uncomfortable with the situation feeling threatened and scared. Do not try to correct or scold me for growling as it will only increase my fear. This will make me bite you due to fear since it is like stopping someone from expressing his fear when he is afraid.”

You confuse me by reacting differently to my same behavior on different occasions

Your furry pal would say to you, “When you get back home in the excitement of seeing you I jump on you and your reward and praise me for the behavior. But when a neighbor comes home and I do the same thing you yell at me. This confuses me a lot. Please tell me whether I should react by jumping when someone comes in the house or not.”

Now I have become older and wiser and so my taste for things have changed

Your furry friend would say to you, “With time my nervous system has become more sensitive that has changed my taste in things. So the things that I used to find interesting in younger days makes me feel stressful and annoying today. As a youngster, I was able to handle loud, crowded environment, but with time I have learnt that the cozy environment of home is the best place to relax.”

I will love you if you do not take these requests seriously.

Your tyke would say to you, “Do I need to elaborate this too!!”

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