A Step-by-Step Guide to Curb the Biting Habit of my Kitty during Playtime

A Step-by-Step Guide to Curb the Biting Habit of my Kitty during Playtime

One moment your kitty would make you fall head over heels through their ever so friendly smiling gesture while at other times this sweet, friendly friend of yours turns into a violent creature that attacks you viciously during playtime. Most of the cat owners have shown their concern about this strange behavior of their feline during playtime. The problem is that the behavior of your kitty transforms so quickly that it becomes difficult to gauge what really happened…The only thing that you can recollect and ever think of is “My cat bit me….Why in the hell did it happen?”

Let us now try to find out various reasons that cause your tabby to bite you during playtime:

Cat owners play with their felines with hands and fingers

This is a big “NO”. Remember, when you use your hands and fingers instead of toys you are giving a free license to your kitty to bite you. In the cat world, when you play with your hands and fingers it means that you want your feline to have fun with your hands and fingers and so they may perceive it to be a playing habit. Always discourage this habit by using a cat toy instead.

Early conditioning

During their early childhood, kittens learn about social skills from their mother and siblings. If they were separated early on and have no prior conditioning they do not know the limits of when to stop as this thing is learned during litter along with siblings as they learn through rough play when not to get rough.

Encouragement by cat owners to get under their bed sheet during the night

This is a horrible thing because once you encourage your kitty to get under your bed sheets and blankets they think you have given a permission to them to attack your legs and feet while you are asleep. Although in the initial phase it might seem cute when you feel wiggle on your feet under the bed sheets and blankets; but would it be a great sight when the feline pounces on you during your sleep? Think hard….

Once you have learnt what causes your feline to turn vicious during playtime it is time to follow certain steps that will assist you in curbing this bad habit in your feline:

Never give negative punishment to your feline

When your cat bites you, never shout at him as this can result in making them feel stressed, fearful and afraid of people.

Never pull away when your kitten is biting you

It is very difficult to follow this step we know, but please understand that cats have been conditioned in such a way that they try to bite the prey that tries to get away from them. So if you try to remove your hand or leg while your feline is biting you it will entice him to follow your hand and bite you even harder. The best thing to do in such a situation would be to stay calm and relaxed and freeze in a static position. When you do not act like a prey your feline will let go of the body part he is biting.

If possible, make your feline stay with his siblings

This is very important for the conditioning of the kitten as they can learn about social skills from their siblings till they turn 12 weeks of age. This includes rough play, bite inhibition and boundaries.

Teach your feline that hands and fingers are not toys

It is very important that you teach your kittens from an early age that hands and fingers are not things that can be chewed. Instead condition them to bite toys. It is recommended to give them fishing pole toys because these toys assist in keeping your hands away from your feline.

Remember; always play with your furry friend with toys and not your body parts. This needs to be practiced so that your cat understands that your body parts are not to be bitten. Also teach them that your hands are a means to provide them affection and love and that they should not bite them for rough play.

Stop interacting with your kitty after you have been bitten

Once your cat bites you during play time give them a time out. Note: Time outs are a great way to educate your kitty that their biting behavior during playtime is highly undesirable. Immediately move to another room, stop interacting with him, and do not show any reaction to him. It can be for a couple of seconds. Once your feline has calmed down you can again play with him. It has been observed that cats learn quite early with the help of timeouts that biting you will make their favorite playmate disappear.

Get cat toys and make your feline comfortable

Giving cat toys to your feline is another way to curb the habit of biting while playtime.

Never encourage your feline to assist you in making the bed

This is the most common mistake that cat owners make while making the bed. They allow their felines to get on the bed and play under the bed sheets and blankets. The best thing to do in such a situation would be to ask them to get away from the bed for some time while you are making the bed.

Cat biting is not a big problem and it can be stopped with little effort and training. The bigger concern is the way you and your family members change their way of playing with your furry friend. It is very important that each and every family member in the house does their own bit to adjust their behavior in such a manner that the biting habit of your feline during playtime can be eliminated for good.

Have you come across a similar situation in the past? If yes; what steps did you take to eradicate your cat from biting you during playtime? Share your opinions with us in the comments section; and we would be glad to incorporate your personal experience in our forthcoming blogs, by giving you due credit for the idea. Till then keep reading and keep your feline friend happy and cheerful by stocking important Cat Supplies right way!!