Pawsome Ways to Spoil Your Dog on National Spoil Your Dog Day

Every year on 10th August, a special day for dogs is celebrated known as “National Spoil Your Dog Day”. This special day allows dog parents to pamper their fur buddies and make the day a truly memorable one for not only their four-legged friends but for themselves as well.

National Spoil Your Dog Day is just around the corner and you probably are seeking for ideas about what to do with your furry pal, right? Well, fret not, because we are about to reveal to you some pawsome ways in which you can spoil or pamper your canine friend.



Pawsome Ways to Spoil Your Dog

We have for you some pawsome ways to spoil your canine buddy. Go through them and once you’re done, only then select the ones you’d want to do for your pal (maybe even all!).


Adventurous Ride or Walk

There’s nothing like an adventurous road trip with your furry buddy on National Spoil Your Dog Day. And don’t worry if you don’t have a vehicle because there’s always the alternative. Instead, take your canine friend for a long walk in and around the neighborhood. It may not be as exciting as a road trip, but he will still love you for your effort for taking him for a nice walk.


Lunch or Dinner Date

How about a lunch or dinner date with your furry munchkin? Probably unheard of, but going on a date with your dog is something pet parents should plan on doing this National Spoil Your Dog Day. But before you get all excited, make sure you plan for it in advance and do your research well because not many restaurants allow pets. So before implementing this idea, search for nearby restaurants that lets you have a meal with your pal!


Home Cooked Treats

Remember, it is National Spoil Your Pet Day, and that means doing something special for your fur baby. What better way to celebrate this special day than by making some delicious home-cooked treats for him! Just some simple treats would even do because don’t worry; your buddy will not judge you. He will munch on it with glee and will love you furever.


Groom in the Room

If you have always taken the help of a professional groomer to groom your dog, then the time is right for you to finally step on the arena and groom your canine pal. Grooming sounds difficult, but in reality, it’s pretty simple and fun to do. Your pooch will certainly enjoy his grooming session, and guess what; you get to spend some quality time with your munchkin. How adorable, isn’t it?


It’s Time to Play

Apart from food and sleep, dogs love playing, even more so when you join in the fun. This National Spoil Your Day why not surprise your buddy by playing some interesting games with him. Fun games like fetching the ball, running around, hurdles, musical hula hoops, etc are great ways to connect and spend time with your dog. Play with him, and he’ll definitely feel extra special.


Gifts, Gifts, and More Gifts

National Spoil Your Dog Day means spoiling your dog with gifts. You could either buy him all his favorite toys, treats, essentials, etc or better; take him dog shopping with you and purchase these for him. It’s his day to get spoilt, so pamper him with all the things he needs. He’ll love you more for sure!


Sprinkle More Love

We do know you love him with all your heart, but on National Spoil Your Dog Day love him a little more. Do all the things he loves, and for once, don’t scold him. Maybe a little if he’s being naughty, but that’s it. Sprinkle all your love upon him and make the day extra special for him.

And lastly, it’s not only about spoiling…

While this special day is all about fun and enjoyment, it is also a great way to raise awareness among pet parents. As you all know, fleas and ticks are creating a huge ruckus throughout the year. So it is essential for dog parents to keep their pal safe all year round. This National Spoil Your Dog Day purchase flea and tick preventative for your buddy because after all, keeping him healthy is the main priority!