Keep Your Pets Flea And Tick Free || Spot-ons, Chews, Collars and Spray

Keep Your Pets Flea And Tick Free

Fleas and Ticks are a nuisance that we don’t want to get out of control. This is because these disgusting little critters feed on your pet’s blood, which can cause a variety of unpleasant side effects or diseases. Skin discomfort, anemia, tapeworms, Lyme disease are only a few of them. Without a doubt, if your pet is not properly protected, your pet may suffer significantly.

Flea and Tick infestations should always be detected as soon as possible. Of course, just because your pet scratches doesn’t mean they’re infested. Daily check-ups are recommended to be on the safe side. Let’s face it, your pet enjoys receiving your affection, so go ahead and get personal with them! Ticks and fleas are easier to see under the fur since their skin is normally white. Examine them against a light-colored sheet to see if any black specks fell to the ground (those are usually fleas). Ticks, on the other hand, are more difficult to locate and remove. They come in a variety of sizes and colors; some are actually skin or sand color, making them difficult to spot.

Did you come across any ticks or fleas? Don’t worry, we’ll assist you.

Spot-on preventative for pets:

The first step in keeping your pet healthy during flea and tick season is to treat them regularly. It’s recommended that you administer your pet with a spot-on injection once a month. These have a high success rate and are trusted by many pet parents around the country.

Between the shoulder blades, a spot-on treatment is normally applied to the dog’s skin. It is absorbed into the skin/bloodstream and kills fleas and ticks when they come into contact with it.

Bravecto Topical For Dogs     Frontline Top Spot for Dogs

At CanadaVetExpress, we have spot-on flea and tick treatments from the following brands so you can try them out to see which one works best for your pet.



Treat your pet with flea and tick spray:

Do you need a quick-acting, simple-to-use, and absorbent product to protect your pet? Consider using a flea and tick spray that will kill existing parasites while also preventing the spread of new ones. 

Frontline Spray for Dogs/Cats             Effipro Spray for Dogs

Flea and tick home spray:

When considering a home spray, make sure you find one that is not going to stain your furniture and is safe for use around children if you have any.

Feliway Spray for Cats

Flea and tick tablets and chews for pets:

For dogs, once-a-month pills are readily available. These treatments can eliminate ticks and immature fleas, as well as interrupt the flea life cycle. They’re simple to administer, and unlike spot-on treatments, you won’t have to worry about small children or cats coming into contact with dogs right after application.

          NexGard Chewables          Capstar for Cats



Flea and tick collar for your pet:

Flea and tick collars are a convenient and non-messy way to keep your pet safe from parasites. Long-term protection can be provided by flea and tick collars. These collars should be worn at all times and will keep fleas and ticks at bay.

       Seresto Collar for Dogs             Bayopet Collar for Cats

You can check below more categories as well:




Flea and tick infestations can affect your pets, so be prepared with the products mentioned above! These products will allow your pet to enjoy the summer months to the fullest without the stress of being infested.

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