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Rated : 4.81/5
In Stock, Price Starting From: $ 37.36
Uses: Monthly application to kill and control fleas and lice found on dogs.
Doses: 1 Doses = 1 Month
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Advantage Small Dogs/ Pups 1-10lbs (Green)

Advantage Small Dogs/ Pups 1-10lbs (Green)
Pack Size
Sale Price
4 Doses
$ 37.36
6 + 1 Free
$ 55.72
12 + 2 Free
$ 97.74

Advantage Medium Dogs 11-20lbs (Aqua)

Advantage Medium Dogs 11-20lbs (Aqua)
Pack Size
Sale Price
4 Doses
$ 41.56
6 + 1 Free
$ 60.29
12 + 2 Free
$ 112.07

Advantage Large Dogs 21-55lbs (Red)

Advantage Large Dogs 21-55lbs (Red)
Pack Size
Sale Price
4 Doses
$ 44.20
6 + 1 Free
$ 61.45
12 + 2 Free
$ 115.98

Advantage Extra Large Dogs over 55 lbs (Blue)

Advantage Extra Large Dogs over 55 lbs (Blue)
Pack Size
Sale Price
4 Doses
$ 45.36
6 + 1 Free
$ 62.46
12 + 2 Free
$ 117.26


Advantage Flea Treatment For Dogs

Advantage for dogs is a monthly application to kill and controls fleas and lice found on dogs. The effective treatment takes just 12 hours to destroy 98-100% of existing fleas. The water-fast treatment also eradicates fleas found in the surroundings.

How it works?

A Bayer product, Advantage for dogs is an efficient flea elimination and control treatment for all breeds of dogs. This scientific formulation with Imidacloprid as the active ingredient kills adult fleas. With a continuous action for four consecutive weeks, Advantage eradicates fleas found in the environment.

The waterproof treatment remains effective even after the pet gets wet. To be applied on all breeds of dogs, the treatment saves the pet from several flea and lice borne diseases. It is also a good treatment for reducing Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD).

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Key Benefits


  • Fast acting flea treatment.
  • Takes only 12 hours to destroy 100% existing fleas.
  • Protects the pet from painful bites of fleas.
  • Gives complete protection by killing fleas that reside on the pet’s body and in the surroundings.
  • Reduces Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD).



Advantage for dogs is available in four separate color-coded packs:

  • For puppies and small dogs – Green pack (weight range 1-10lbs)
  • For medium sized dogs – Aqua pack (weight range 11-20 lbs)
  • For large dogs – Red pack (weight range 21-55 lbs)
  • For extra large dogs – Blue pack (weight over 55 lbs)

Steps for application:

Step1: Make the pet stand in a comfortable position. Separate fur at a spot between the shoulder blades.

Step2: Invert the open tube such that the open tip touches the bare skin spot. Squeeze the content on this spot.

Step3: Large sized dogs need application at 4-5 spots over the backbone. Start at the base of the skull and move towards the tail.

Let the application site be completely dry. Do not touch or groom the pet until it is completely dry. Consult a vet for further guidance.


Dog Size Dog Weight (lbs) Pack Color
Puppies/Small dogs 1-10 Green
Medium dogs 11-20 Aqua
Large dogs 21-55 Red
Extra large dogs >55 Blue

Note: Consult your vet for treating pregnant, breeding and lactating dogs. Also, check with him if your pet is sick or convalescing.



  • Not to be used for puppies younger than 8 weeks of age.
  • Not recommended for any other species of pets.
  • Must not be accessible to pets and children.
  • To be stored in cooler temperatures (below 30 degrees).
  • Cleaning and sterilizing hands after treatment is important.
  • On observing any adverse reactions in sensitive pets, just contact the vet at the earliest.
  • Human ingestion is toxic and needs assistance from poison control center.


There are no known contraindications of Advantage for dogs. 

More Info

More Info

Target species

8 weeks and older puppies and dogs

Mode of administration Topical
Active Ingredient Imidacloprid
Manufacturer Bayer
Brand Name Advantage
Ratings & Reviews
4.81/5 Based on 31 Review(s)
  • zachighly effective product

    One of my friends told me about this product, and I am so glad that I ordered it, because no other treatment was working on my dog. I can safely say after trying it on my dog that this is really a good product and works efficiently.

  • roseeliminates fleas

    Advantage is the perfect product for my doggie as it kills off all the fleas.

  • Nataliagreat advantage

    Advantage has proven to be the best treatment for my dog from time and again, so, I am very happy with the treatment.

  • Linda Nice experience

    No redness…no allergy.Only happiness guaranteed.

  • juliegood monthly treatment

    Advanta is really the perfect product for treating fleas and ticks. It has never shown any kind of side effect on my pooch so I definitely recommend it to others.

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