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Activyl for Dogs

Activyl is once-a-month spot on application for treating fleas, flea larvae and flea eggs found on dogs. Its unique bio-activation technique starts destroying fleas within 8 hours and gives 100% flea control for four continuous weeks. The odor free, quick drying flea treatment is suitable for breeds of dogs. The water-fast treatment ensures flea control even after the pet gets wet.

How it works?

Manufactured by Merck, Activyl for dogs is a unique flea treatment made up of an innovative active ingredient Indoxacarb. With an exclusive mode of action that uses flea’s own enzymes to activate the ingredient, this treatment is highly efficient and safe for flea proofing the treated dog. Its jet speed action paralyses and destroys fleas within 8 hours of application.

The long lasting monthly treatment remains active for four consecutive weeks. It prevents future infestations by eliminating the flea life stages. The fragrance free treatment with a water-fast property keeps combating fleas even after the pet gets wet. Easy to apply, this is one of its kind of flea treatment for all breeds of dogs.

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Lynne A water-proof flea and tick control prod

A water-proof flea and tick control product for dogs. Thanks! Now, I can go for swimming with my furry friend after treating him too!

Lochlan Amazing

Amazing product for Flea control

Mcguire nothing works like this

using for the five years now, we never had complaints with this product

Morgan Activyl is a great product

We have been using the product for more than five years. and it has always worked great for our pugs,

Matthew perfect flea protection

once started using it and no more re - infestations. protects well