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Celeste W., Nov 16, 2018

My eyeballs literally popped out when I saw Canada Vet Express offering a staggering discount on all their products. I am going to stack up my pantry with dog supplies for my three dogs. Thank you Canada Vet Express for such mind blowing discounts. I’m truly a satisfied and more than happy customer.

Sophia B., Nov 05, 2018

Call me old fashioned but I am habituated to offline shopping. I prefer seeing the product, feeling it and what not before buying. One fine day, my niece came over and during one of our conversations she talked about Canada Vet Express and how different it is from other pet care sites. Out of curiosity, I gave Canada Vet Express a quick search. I was flabbergasted when I learnt that this site not only offered tons of products but also at reasonably cheap rates. It literally blew my mind. I ordered a few products from here and even used them on my pet. They’re so good.


, Oct 30, 2018

My pets are absolutely fond of each and every product I purchase from here. Ever since switching to Canada Vet Express, I have felt a lot better. I can finally tell people that I too, can make exceptional life decisions. Thank you Canada Vet Express for your countless service.

, Oct 23, 2018

The impeccable customer service, the exceptional range of quality products and the smooth navigation makes Canada Vet Express one helluva site. I don’t think any other pet care site is as good as this one. Thank you Canada Vet Express for a wonderful experience. You have surely gained a regular customer in me.

, Oct 18, 2018

I've been shopping with CVE for a few years already. Their prices are the absolute cheapest around. Fast delivery and Never any delivery problems.

, Oct 13, 2018

I have been looking for pet care websites that will help me to purchase a wide variety of products for both my dogs and cats. Finally, the wait is over because, at Canada Vet Express, I get tons of pet care products at reasonable prices and guess what, shipping is absolutely FREE. Can this site get any better? Guess not! It’s certainly the best pet care site I’ve come across. People looking for pet care products online should definitely give this site a try.

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