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Brand: Tylobiotic
Uses: Treats the most common disease Mycoplasmosis in birds.
Doses: 1 Dose = Daily till 3 Days
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Tylobiotic 200gm

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Tylobiotic for Pigeon And Birds

Tylobiotic – a popular bird product from MedPet is widely used by pigeon fanciers and other pet bird owners for treating the most common disease Mycoplasmosis in birds. This oral treatment is effective in preventing Mycoplasmosis in pigeons and cagebirds. It treats respiratory diseases in birds and pigeons, and protects them from the harmful effects of these diseases.

How does it work?

This oral treatment contains the component Tylocin, which is an active ingredient for treating respiratory tract diseases. The ingredient helps to treat and control Mycoplasmosis in pigeons and cagebirds. The other ingredients - Vitamin: A, D3, K3, E, B1, B2, B6, B12

Nicotinamide and Calcium help to fight back stress. Thus, Tylobiotic is highly useful during breeding and racing season.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

  • Tylobiotic is the best formulation for the control of Mycoplasmosis in pigeons and cagebirds.
  • It is highly effective in controlling respiratory tract infections.
  • Tylobiotic unique formulation ensures that the danger of overdosing with Tylocin is minimized.
  • This oral treatment is quickly soluble in water and therefore easy to administer.


  • In one liter of drinking water, add 5 gm or one heaped measure scoop powder.
  • Stir and provide for three consecutive days.
  • It is necessary to change the water daily.


Product Dosage
5 gm or 1 Scoop of powder In one liter of preparation for three consecutive days


  • Keep it in a cool and dry place.
  • Store it away from children and pets.


  • In case treatment is not satisfactory, seek vet’s advice.
More Info

More Info

Target Species Pigeons, birds and poultry
Mode of administration Oral
Active Ingredient Tylosine Vitamin: A, D3, K3, E, B1, B2, B6, B12 Nicotinamide Calcium
Manufacturer Medpet
Brand Name Tylobiotic
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Cannon Affordable

Affordable treatment

Jefferson has helped to treat flu

Has helped to treat flu in our racing pigeons. we were quite terrified seeing our pigeons in such a bad state, but fortunately I got right product and it treated well/

Dominick Great product

great pick for our flocks. always works. great product

Martinez Cheap prices

Cheap prices and nothing works like this. Best for our flocks.

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great product at a great price!