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Rated : 4.56/5
In Stock, Price Starting From: $ 35.01
Uses: Treat and prevent internal parasites in dogs.
Doses: 1 Dose/Tablet = 3 Months
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Drontal Plus Puppy Worming Suspension

Drontal Plus Puppy Worming Suspension
Pack Size
Sale Price
50 Ml
$ 35.01
100 Ml
$ 52.16

Drontal for Very Small Dogs upto 3kg

Drontal for Very Small Dogs upto 3kg
Pack Size
Sale Price
1 Tablet*
$ 9.49
2 Tablet*
$ 14.20
4 Tablet*
$ 26.08

Drontal for Medium Dogs 3.1 - 10 Kg

Drontal for Medium Dogs 3.1 - 10 Kg
Pack Size
Sale Price
1 Tablet*
$ 10.64
2 Tablet*
$ 17.62
4 Tablet*
$ 33.12

Drontal for Large Dogs 10 - 35 kg

Drontal for Large Dogs 10 - 35 kg
Pack Size
Sale Price
1 Tablet*
$ 21.24
2 Tablet*
$ 34.17
4 Tablet*
$ 64.78


Drontal Dewormer for Dogs

An excellent dewormer – Drontal helps to treat hookworms, tapeworms, whipworms and roundworms in dogs. This broad-spectrum dewormer kills and prevents intestinal worms from infecting dogs.  

How does it works

Drontal is a scientifically proven formula with key ingredients - praziquantel, pyrantel pamoate and febantel. Praziquantel works by damaging the parasite’s skin internally, so the parasite disintegrates and is removed by the pet’s immune system. Active against hookworms and ascarids, Pyrantel pamoate acts as a depolarizing neuromuscular blocking agent. This causes sudden contraction followed by paralysis. This makes hookworms lose their grip on the intestinal wall and is removed from the pet’s system by natural process. Febantel is active against nematode parasites including whipworms. Thus, Drontal acts on all worms and removes them.

Tablet* - Sold per tablet.
P.S: Drontal tablets will be shipped with pack insert in sealed polythene. One tablet quantity does not mean one bottle.

Key Benefits


  • Drontal is effective in treating the most common intestinal parasites.
  • It prevents and controls worms such as tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms and whipworms.
  • Drontal flavored tablet is easy to administer oral treatment.
  • Drontal is a single dose treatment without any mess of topical treatment.



  • Drontal is given as a single dose.
  • Fasting is not necessary before administering Drontal.
  • Remove the tablet from the pack and administer it directly into the mouth.
  • You can even crush it and mix it with food.


Drontal For Very Small Dogs upto 3kg

  • 0.75– 1.5 kg bodyweight = 0.5 Tablet
  • 1.5– 3.0 kg bodyweight = 1 Tablet
  • 3–4.5 kg bodyweight = 1.5 Tablets
  • 4.5–6 kg bodyweight = 2 Tablets

Drontal For Medium Dogs 3.1 - 10 Kg

  • For Small breed
  • 0.5–5 kg bodyweight = 0.5 Tablet
  • 5–10 kg bodyweight = 1 Tablet
  • For Medium breed
  • 11–20 kg bodyweight = 2 Tablets
  • 21–30 kg bodyweight = 3 Tablets
  • For Large breed
  • 21–30 kg bodyweight = 3 Tablets
  • 31–40 kg bodyweight = 4 Tablets

Drontal Flavored Tablets for Large Dogs

  • 20 - 35 kg bodyweight = 1 tablet
  • 36 - 52 kg bodyweight = 1.5 Tablets
  • 53 - 70 kg bodyweight = 2 Tablets
  • 71 - 87 kg bodyweight = 2.5 Tablets
  • Over 87 kg bodyweight = 3 Tablets



  • This product is for animal use only
  • Should not be given to any other animal than that which it is stated for.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Wash hands after administering the tablet.
  • Consult a vet before treating a pregnant dog. 
  • If not sure about the usage of the product, consult your vet.
  • As humans can contract tapeworm from animals, it is important to take strict hygienic precautions.
  • Daily clean up stools to avoid re-infection.


  • Avoid treatment with Drontal to dogs allergic to it or any of its individual ingredients.
  • Do not give Drontal to your pet if already treating with an alternative dewormer unless advised by your vet. 

More Info

More Info

Target species Dogs weighing over 2 lbs and 3 weeks of age
Mode of administration Oral
Active Ingredients Praziquantel, Pyrantel Pamoate and Febantel
Manufacturer Bayer
Brand Name Drontal
Ratings & Reviews
4.56/5 Based on 9 Review(s)
  • raydrontal is the best

    There is no other treatment better than this

  • Bethgreat product

    My four yr old dog is fussy with tabs but mixing it in food is no problem. she just takes it. this Great Product.

  • Kerrtworked on the same day

    The next day I didn't see any more worm and they never came back...used the dog flea treatment - revolution along with it to keep them away.

  • Elizabeth Nice experience

    So far, i have not experienced any side effect of this product.

  • Olivia Good services

    An ultimate remedy for worms.Nice formulation and fast action!My puppy is so relaxed after I start using this

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