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Rated : 5/5
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Uses: Effectively removes fleas, adult fleas, eggs and larvae. Also treats hookworms, roundworms, heartworm disease and ear mites.
Doses: 1 Dose/Pipette = 1 Month
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Stronghold Kittens & Puppy Upto 2.6 Kg 15 mg (Rose)

Stronghold  Kittens & Puppy Upto 2.6 Kg 15 mg (Rose)
Pack Size
Sale Price
3 Pipette
$ 33.28
6 Pipette
$ 62.13
12 Pipette
$ 106.99

Stronghold Cats Upto 7.5 Kg 45 mg

Stronghold  Cats Upto 7.5 Kg 45 mg
Pack Size
Sale Price
3 Pipette
$ 43.94
6 Pipette
$ 68.01
12 Pipette
$ 121.44

Stronghold Large Cats 7.5 Kg -10 Kg 60 mg (Grey)

Stronghold  Large Cats 7.5 Kg -10 Kg 60 mg (Grey)
Pack Size
Sale Price
3 Pipette
$ 59.63


Stronghold Flea Treatment for Cats

Stronghold is a perfect solution for treating and preventing fleas in cats. This highly effective treatment eliminates adult fleas, eggs and larvae and also aids in preventing heartworm disease. In addition, it is also useful in treating ear mites and biting lice as well as adult hookworms in cats.

How does it work?

An active ingredient called Selamectin is found in Stronghold which helps in fighting off fleas, ear mites, roundworm infection and adult hookworms in cats. This substance is absorbed into the body and through the skin and travels down the bloodstream, intestines and glands which is ingested by the parasites that feed on the animal’s blood.

Key Benefits


  • Efficiently destroys adult fleas, eggs and larvae.
  • Effective in treating roundworm infections.
  • Prevents heartworm disease.
  • Effective against ear mites.
  • Removes biting lice effectively.
  • Cures adult intestinal hookworms.



  • Choose the correct colored pipette for your cat.
  • Make your cat stand up before administering.
  • Open the pipette and place the tip on the affected area(s).
  • Squeeze out the content on the bare skin spots.
  • For kittens, one spot is more than enough while for cats 4-5 spots is necessary.
  • Once applied, allow it to dry.
  • Should be given on a month basis or as advised by your vet.

Dosage Chart:

Cat Size Administered Volume
5.5 lbs and below 0.25 ml
5.6 – 16.5 lbs 0.75 ml
16.6 – 22 lbs 1 ml
Above 22.1 lbs Appropriate combination of pipettes



  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after every use.
  • Product is highly flammable. Keep away from flames and fires.
  • To be applied on the skin surface only.
  • After treatment, wait for at least two hours before bathing the pet.
  • Safe for breeding, pregnant and lactating cats.


  • Not safe for kittens below 6 weeks.
  • Unsafe for cats suffering from concomitant disease.
  • Do not administer orally.

More Info

More Info

Target Species Cats
Mode of Administration Topical
Active Ingredients Selamectin
Manufacturer Zoetis
Brand Name Stronghold
Ratings & Reviews
5/5 Based on 2 Review(s)
  • SophiaWorth purchasing

    I purchased it for our Cinderella due to its active ingredient i.e. Selemectin. It is worth spending as within 3 hours, its results were visible.

  • VeronicaVery Effective

    I used this product for roundworms in my 6 years old cat. It worked efficiently. Thank you.

  •  1  

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