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Frontline Plus for Dogs

Brand: Frontline Plus
Uses: Treat fleas and ticks, destroys life cycle of fleas and destroys eggs, larvae and pupae.
Doses: 1 Dose = 1 Month
Top Reviews
Prevents reinfestation

Frontline Plus is an effective solution that not only kills fleas but also prevents reinfestation. Top product!

spot on treatment!

Dusty was highly infested with fleas so I decided to get the product for him. Surprisingly, it worked great and got rid of all the fleas!

highly effective

Frontline Plus is really the best product for treating fleas and ticks. And it starts working very quickly too.

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4.9/5 Based on 44 Review(s)
Bella Quick Acting Formula

Tried for the first time for my newly adopted fluffy, just couldn't believe how quickly this formula works. Must try!

Jaxon Best Product

Best treatment to keep fleas and ticks at bay. No fuss to administer and free from side effects as well

Maximilian Perfect treatment

I have been using this treatment for the past few months and never seen any side effects. The perfect treatment to treat flea and tick.

Rocco Effective and affordable

Effective and affordable for flea and tick control. Using for my pal and never seen any side effects till now.

Kamden Unbelievable Product

Hola! Just couldn’t believe the discounted rates over here. Now, no need for extra coupon codes. Store Bookmarked!