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Joint Stress 15ML for Dogs & Cats

Joint Stress has been developed to ease the joint pain of dogs and cats and give them a fresh lease of life. It uses homeopathic ingredients that aid the pet to get back on his feet. This effective treatment not only relieves the pet from stiffness and soreness, but also pain in the joint areas. It is one of the best joint pain relief treatment for pets and is highly recommended by veterinarians of our country. It is extremely safe and effective on dogs and cats.

How does it work?

Joint Stress is made up of natural ingredients that aids in treating the pets suffering from muscle strains, bruises and sprains. It provides swift pain relief and increases the mobility of pets. It does not contain any harmful substances hence, is recommended for both dogs and cats. There are no visible side effects of the treatment.

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Juana It works!!!!

My dog TRAXY has a problem with her legs being stiff as she is now 12.9 years old. About six months I came across this product and started using it. Now, she is recovering well with less stiffness

Wright 100% natural

this homeopathic product is 100% natural..

Jaliyah Just received

i just received this item for my puggle she is almost 7 yrs. old and she has a rough time with her front knee so i'm going to start her off with this solution. Hope it helps

Danielle quality product

quality product

Elissa natural product

this natural treatment is quite a go for our dog