Joint Guard for Cat Supplies

Joint Guard Powder - Arthritis Supplement for cats

Joint Guard Powder for cats is an effective long term treatment for joint health. It helps reduce non-infectious joint inflammation and reduce pain. This joint care product supports and maintains joint health in cats. Joint Guard is beneficial for osteo-arthritis or degenerative joint disease.

How does it work?

The major ingredient Glucosamine hydrochloride boosts formation of both synovial fluid and cartilage matrix. Chondroitin sulfate provides protection from the enzymes which break down cartilage and is the major component in the cartilage. Manganese and vitamin C in the product help development of cartilage, and MSM is used in connective tissue synthesis. Thus, overall, Joint Guard protects and promotes joint health.

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Vivian joint guard is good

Thanks to Joint Guard, my cat is active and energetic now!

rosie nice supplement

Joint Guard works wonder on my cat's overall strength

Scotty Very effective and value for money

This product does what it needs to do and very effective and value for money. Eases joint pain and inflammation. Can my pet running and playing again.

Robert Kinslow Joint Guard

Excellent Product

White Good for joints

No more joint problems after start using this product on my pet. Thanks Canadavetexpress for excellent customer care services.