Stronghold Plus for Cat Supplies

Stronghold Plus for Cats – Topical Flea and Heartworm Preventive

Stronghold Plus is an effective flea and tick treatment for cats. It is also a heartworm preventive that protects cats against heartworm disease. The topical treatment is highly effective in treating fleas, ticks, ear mites, and lice. It also helps in controlling intestinal nematodes and heartworms. Stronghold Plus aids in easy to apply spot-on with no known side effects on dogs and cats.

How does it work?

Stronghold Plus contains two active ingredients - selamectin and Sarolaner, a new combination of parasiticides. Selamectin has adulticidal, ovicidal and larvicidal effect on fleas. This active ingredient is highly effective against ear mites, lice, gastrointestinal nematodes and prevents heartworm disease. The other ingredient Sarolaner is a new acaricide and insecticide, which is efficacious against ticks, fleas, and mites.

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Uma worth buying

Got my order a little late but it was worth waiting for as the products work really well on my cat!

ramona value for money

The product works perfectly and is very cost effective too!

jerry best flea control

I only started using this treatment on my cat recently and it works very effectively! Love the product.