Adaptil Collar for Dog Supplies

ADAPTIL Collar for Dogs

The ADAPTIL Collar is a natural, convenient and unique solution to canine stress, helping comfort both puppies and adult dogs. It helps to reassure puppies and adult dogs in challenging situations, and prevents or reduces stress-related and inappropriate behavior.

How it works?

The ADAPTIL collar is an effective natural way to help your dog cope with new and fearful situations and it always stays with your dog.  It is designed especially for dogs which is odorless, non-sedative and can be used alongside all types of medication. When the dog’s body temperature increases, it warms the collar and encourages the diffusion of pheromones into the local environment. It is vital that the collar is in close contact with the dog’s skin at all times.

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4.7/5 Based on 15 Review(s)
Nova Good product

Good product to dose when you are out with your pal for a long drive and vet visit.

Santiago Good time

My dog is having da wonderful time around after this treatment unlike previously when he useed to act abnormal.

Ernesto Excellent product

I have no idea how this works but it does. And dog is showing good results

Jaime It really works

Awesome product, It really works best

Harris Effective